Phases I Went Through

All teenagers go through a bunch of phases (that mostly tend to be extreme, weird or annoying). We’ve all been at that phase when you don’t support the government and prefer anarchy or communism over democracy (wait was that just me?). We’ve all also gone through that phase where we want to get a bunch of piercings and dye our hair. As someone who just turned eighteen (a legal adult but technically still a teenager) these are the phases I have been through over the past few years:

The mad at everyone phase– this is one of the first phases I went through as a newly proclaimed teenagers. My hormones were out of control, my body was changing, everything just felt weird and uncomfortable and I just couldn’t understand what was happening. So I did what all teenagers do- I took it out on everyone around me (sorry…). I started spending a lot more time on my own then I used to, I started to listen to offensive, angry music (Eminem, Six Inch Nails etc.) and I began changing the way I dressed and acted. This led to my next phase- the punk phase.

The punk phase– this consisted mainly of a lot of eyeliner and weird haircuts. It also included a lot of rock music about life and death and hate and anguish (and that was just Marilyn Manson). To be honest this was definitely the craziest phase I went through. For one, I was mad and angry all the time which was a great excuse to yell at everyone who irritated me. But on the other hand, it got quite exhausting- like you have no idea how much energy it takes to be constantly annoyed and depressed.

The political phase– I may have earlier mentioned this but I’m a huge history fan and I love reading about pretty much anything to do with the past. I’ve always been a bit of an extremist in the sense that I’ve always found myself on one extreme. In history we learn a lot about politics, politicians and types of governments and as always I found myself on one extreme side. At first I firmly believed in anarchy because I always thought the government held us back and trained us to be a certain way but as I put more research into it I realized anarchy is not an excellent idea. Then I became very interested in dictators and wondered about how maybe they weren’t as bad as the media portrayed them to be because they did seem to achieve a lot- especially for their own country. However, soon I learnt that dictators are terrible and people are miserable under their rule- they only have selfish reasons behind their actions and frankly the economic achievements of a country should not be solely relied upon to see the nations achievements and successes. Then I read a lot about communism too and ideologically it sounds perfect, when you really think about it it’s just a great theory- however it’s not something that can be relied upon in reality. After all this pondering I finally concluded that the best government system is non-existent. I hope someday we will have the perfect system.

The introvert phase– I’ve always been quiet and shy but during this phase it got worse. I kind of crawled into my own shell and refused to socialize. I’ve always had trouble with social situations in general anyway but this was pretty bad. I just preferred to be on my own and read (I’m a bibliophile) just everyone in general seemed to annoy me. However I did learn a lot during this phase- not only because I was reading a lot but because being on your own is sometimes a great idea. You learn more about your own interests and get new hobbies.

The hipster phase– this is the phase that almost everyone seems to be going through- especially teens. This is when I got all spiritual and was all about peace and the universe. I got some hipster glasses and was all deep. Admittedly this was the most fun one. I got into some great music (like The Smiths) and read some very interesting books and articles. I also really calmed down and stopped being so angry. It was a fun phase because I finally grew up a little, stopped thinking about only myself and realized there was a lot more in the world than just us. There is so much we need to learn about the environment- we are literally destroying the world and soon when it’s too late there will be nothing left to save.

The independent phase– during this one I pretty much just tried to do everything on my own. I started trying to cook (unsuccessfully), I began writing online, and I tried taking care of my own problems. It was actually quite fun. It made me realize how much people actually do to help me out-like my parents and friends- and how difficult it can sometimes be to do everything all on your own. It really made me appreciate everyone around me and how much they’ve done for me.

Acceptance– In the end, after going through all these ups and downs, I finally became the person who I am today and to be completely honest I’m glad I went through all this because I have learnt so much. I finally know who I am and for the first time I’m comfortable with being myself. I stopped trying to please everyone and agreeing with things I don’t actually believe. I became a lot more spiritual too and began to really care about the environment and the universe. It feels great to finally be sure about myself and who I am.

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