Coursework Drama

For my English Language and Literature exam I have to do some coursework. For the coursework we have to write an original piece which is then marked and graded. It’s actually really difficult and this year’s coursework is really stressing me out because for some reason I cannot think of a realistic situation involving a dilemma. I mean I’ve thought of some ideas but none sound particularly interesting or appealing to me. So, I decided to go back to the coursework I did last year because I thought that might be inspiration enough to give me a good idea (I was wrong).

Last year my topic was dystopia and even though I had heard about it I hadn’t really ever written anything involving dystopia and I found it very difficult. It helped me realize I was so used to writing about what I was comfortable with I had stopped trying to write something new. So today I thought I would post my dystopian speech here. It is about a time in the future where women are considered superior to men.

The Great Hunt


For ten years now we have stood here and celebrated my rule as the Herrscher. We have fought everybody for what we have today and I vow to never let things change. We may have fought many wars, but we have fought them for peace. We may have massacred, but we have massacred for life. We may have killed, but we have killed to live. And I may have oppressed, but I have oppressed for freedom.

Before my rule, people had choices, they had independence and worst of all they had rights. And the aftermath of all this? There was war, destruction, pain, disobedience! People were betrayed by the contemptible, disloyal cowards they called leaders. They were all failures, traitors, imbeciles who knew no better. War, disease, famine and terror plagued the world. And that is why I am here before you and created a new community, a new world.

Let us remember all I have done for you. All I have achieved.

Back then, before The Change, humanity was on the brink of extinction. Men were made useless by technology and women preferred to have no physical contact with such an obviously inferior species. Women chose to no longer have children and soon when they began realizing they had made the wrong choice it was too late. Women were unable to have children no matter how hard they tried. The world was falling apart and everyone was in a frenzy. That’s when I came along. I changed the world forever.

I created new babies proving for once and for all I was a superior being. I not only grew them but I removed their brains, rewired them and put them together again, reprogrammed the way I pleased. And what’s more is I put them in camps under full time government surveillance so that they were raised the way I wanted. They will never know about family, love, education, religion or even the existence of other humans beyond their living area.

We taught them the truth. That pain is as vital as pleasure. That hate is as vital as love. That destruction is as vital as creation. That suffering is as vital as enjoyment. Cruelty, injustice, intolerance and oppression are only a means of survival, of maintaining power. These children are infinitely valuable to us and that is why I must control every level of their life. That’s why I must teach them to be ruthless, to have absolutely no attachment towards anyone except me, to obey me blindly because this is necessary for their survival.

These children are not only mentally superior but physically too. They’re all of course female. The rights of all men have obviously been eliminated because of course they were to blame for all the problems we face today. They created nothing but war, destruction and pain. They were nothing more than extra baggage for women. They were too weak to satisfy us women the way we deserve. This is why they were no longer allowed to have a say in the government. They were no longer allowed to get an education or even leave the house without being accompanied by a woman. But still unfortunately we needed them for their sperm.

I stand here before you to again inform you of another one of my breath-taking achievements. I have created artificial sperm. Thanks to my ingenious invention we are no longer tied down by this inferior gender and now we are free from the responsibility of caring for them. They have always held us back and tied us down, but no more, no more will we let them continue to walk the same ground we walk on, no more will they breathe the same air as us, no more.

A great treat awaits all you women. We have captured every living men and held them in the ground opposite us. They have no idea about this but all of you will be handed sufficient weapons. You will then be led into the ground, protected by armor of course and you will do your worst.

I want you to DESTROY every last man. I want to see them being mutilated, torn apart limb by limb, their brains ripped out of their skulls. I want to see nothing but a sea of blood and body parts as you lick the blood off your hands and lips and I want you to enjoy every second of it.

May you have a joyous hunt ahead of you!

I hope you liked that! I had put a lot of effort into it. And if you have any ideas about realistic dilemma’s let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to like, share, follow and comment!

PS: Sorry this post is kind of late but it was raining and I was stuck in traffic for literally two hours.

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