MistryLand- Comics Strip

So one of my friends who also writes some posts on this blog has an amazing account on Tapastic which is a site where you can make comic strips. I just really wanted to share them with you because her work is just so awesome and I really hope you guys will love it as much as I do and subscribe to her. You can subscribe using your email or Facebook account.

MistryMistryLandMistry 3Mistry 4

Mistry 5

Not only does she make funny comics like the above one but she also makes some very relatable ones that I feel like most people can really relate to. She tackles everything from social awkwardness to a bad hair day.

MistryLand 1 MistryLand 2 MistryLand 3 MistryLand 4 MistryLand 5 MistryLAnd 6

She is an amazing writer and an even better artist and if you enjoyed her work above really need to check out more of her work here. She also writes some posts on this blog that you can read here.

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