A Glimpse Of Kenya

So over Christmas I had gone to Giraffe Centre with my family members and friend (Mistryland). We had a lot of fun there and it’s become like a family tradition to go there every year. We took a lot of pictures and I wanted to share some of them with you guys so you can take a look at it too!

So these are some random cows we saw on the way there:

And the we finally reached!

So this is Stacy!!

And then we came home and played with these cuties:

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61 thoughts on “A Glimpse Of Kenya

      1. Uhm, yeah you should add more pictures on Instagram! lol I will continue to remind you, not to mention all the quotes you have and stuff on the blog can be inputted on Instagram, you are slacking young lady! lol

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            1. Hahaha is this conversation turning into an attack on my social media skill?!? 😂😄
              Lol I know I hardly ever post stuff and should do it more often! I think I’ll be doing that thanks for the encouragement and threats as usual!! 😊😆

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