Versatile Blogger Award! #2

The Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank girlenters for nominating me for the ” Versatile Blogger Award”! She is super awesome and has a really great blog so please do check it out! And I’m so sorry it took me forever to do this!

Rules For The “Versatile Blogger Award”:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link.
  2. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs. Also, inform them about the nomination.
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

Facts About Me:

  • I am very stubborn and I like to do things my way

stubborn GIF

  • I really like cheese… like I love cheese. If cheese was a person we would be happily divorced by now…

I like cheese GIF

  • I like everything to be in a certain way and it drives me crazy when it isn’t but I’m working on that!

I like things in a certain way GIF

  • I have a pretty explosive temper (I get mad at stuff very easily) but I’m also working on that!

Versatile Blogger Award

  • I hate carrots

I hate carrots GIF

  • I love Game Of Thrones and no I didn’t mind that Ed Sheeran was on it. Not sure why so many people were pissed about that lol.

Versatile Blogger Award Game of Thrones GIF

  • I can be very lazy but I can also be very active depending on my mood

My Nominees Are:

Anyone reading this should consider themselves nominated!

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42 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award! #2

  1. I like GOT but it is (really) bad so I am going to watch the rest of the seasons some years later. XD I didn’t expect it to be THAT bad when I watched the 1st couple episodes.

      1. Haha I think the producers just have really dirty minds, George R. R. Martin too, come to think of it. I think they should have made less innapropriate moments (cut it at least by 50%) so that teens could watch it without their minds being ruined. (Tons of teens watch it and I think that might not really be good XD) Doesn’t mean I can’t wait to see it, because it soudns epic.

        1. Lol yeah I started watching it at like 16 and was definitely fixated for eternity but honestly I’m pretty desensitized by now so I don’t even mind all the inappropriate things! Yeah they should have a censored version for teens or something so they can watch it without being seriously disturbed!

  2. Congrats on the award miss PoojaG!
    I have learned some things about you in this one, explosive temper, eh? i think I have one too, but i live in denial about it. Although it takes a lot to get me to that level, so it happens rarely but it has happened. I am also an emotional person as a whole so that plays a huge part in how I react to things.

    I watched the first season of Game of Thrones and fell in love and I am mad that NetFlix doesn’t have it to my knowledge, I want to keep watching it but yeah.. seemed like a really good show and I enjoy of Ed Sheerans songs! 😀


    1. Thank you Shay-lon!!
      Haha yeah I have a pretty bad temper and I kind of always have. I’m really emotional too and I think that makes me sensitive and on the other hand I’m really not emotional because I like to live in denial too so it’s a weird messed up world in my brain… 😂

      Ooh you should definitely find it somewhere else and watch it! It’s so good and it gets so much better after season 1! Yeah I think Ed Sheeran is really good and if he wants to be on GoT let him be on GoT! He’s a surprisingly good actor!

      1. I am actually shocked that Ed Sheeran makes for a good actor, definitely makes me want to watch it even more just to see for myself. Definitely will be researching where I can watch it, lol. I might have to visit my parents to give me a reason to watch it on their TV since they have HBO . lmao.

        I am extremely emtional at times, and most people cannot handle it when it gets to a low point because it can be a lot and I get frustrated at myself and just yeah, so I understand that part of things.

        1. Yes he’s surprisingly good at acting and I was shocked too because I didn’t expect it! I liked him on Bridget Jones’s Baby as well! He was funny on that. Lol finally a reason to visit your parents… 😂😂

          Yeah I am like that too and I can go from positive to negative pretty fast sometimes because little things trigger me and it just kind of puts people around me on the edge sometimes which I hate so I want to work on that and try to get rid of all the negativity I have bottled up inside me.

          1. Well never seen that either. What is that show or movie about?
            I am excited to see the movie “IT” in September, I am hoping it is scary, and well worth it. lol Have you ever heard of that movie?
            Yes, exactly, so I may have issues but we all have some just different kinds.

            1. You’ve never seen Bridget Jones?!? Nooooo you need to go watch all three movies right now! It’s so funny and witty and sarcastic I love it! He’s in the third movie!
              It’s that Stephen King movie right? I’ve been seeing stuff about it all over the internet but I am way too much of a sissy to ever watch another Stephen King movie! I watched The Shining and it was so scary even though I had read the book and knew what happens 😂

              1. Hmm, Brigdet Jones is a series then?

                Yes it is the Stephen King movie, and it is about the clown that kills lol. The shining was a classic and yes very weird, he is a good author and director of movies. They definitely make me cringe and stay up through the night.

                1. No they are movies (and books) which you need to watch like now!!

                  Yeah they freak me out so much! I watched another movie of his I don’t remember what it was called but it was something about the end of the world and giant insects… It was weird. Ooh I think it was called The Mist!

                  1. Oh wow! a book too? interesting. Maybe I can find it on Amazon or something.

                    Yes, I have seen the “Mist”, it was definitely weird to say the least, wasn’t too impressed by it.

                    1. Yeah you should try to find it! It’s so good and it’s definitely going to be on Amazon.
                      Yeah it was super weird and kind of gross…

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