I Closed My Eyes (Guest Post)

I closed my eyes to forget you,

I closed my eyes but saw you.

I should’ve known before,

that you were using me to score,

in front of the people you adore.


When I got into trouble,

you gave your hand.

When I wanted to ramble,

you held my hand.

Then why?

Why did you throw a dart,

straight into my heart?

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23 thoughts on “I Closed My Eyes (Guest Post)

      1. Yeah I have settled in but I still have some things to unpack and put away! I’ve been really busy so it’s been hard to find time. Everything is good and yes I’ve made friends! They are super amazing! I’m really enjoying all my classes too except Earth Science which is interesting but I’m finding it kind of difficult.

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      1. Why shouldn’t you? We’re supposed to bond, as long as we’re friends first. I guess I draw the line at only having sex with a friend. Hook-ups, no. But I can’t do hookups.

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