Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians! Hope you all have lots of fun and get to spend time with your families!

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26 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

        1. Lol that’s because hey reached Canada before the US! When the white people first came they stopped in Canada and then headed south to the US. I thought it was kind of weird to which is why I did my research!
          Vegan turkey is nothing like the real thing for sure but it’s pretty close and it’s really yummy in it’s own way! I would recommend tofurkey even if you’re not vegan just to try it out and see what it’s like!

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          1. Ahh is this why! good job on looking up the history! you are always on top of things like this, just a history buff at heart and not to mention you like finding things out on your own if you don’t know 🙂 so smart!
            Also, I might consider it, if someone else makes it, I never make the turkey, I don’t know how! lmfao

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            1. Lol yeah as a history major it’s pretty cool to find out new stuff like that! Like our independence day is a few days before yours too. I think ours is on July 1st.
              Lol no you don’t need to make it! It’s this brand called Tofurkey I think you’ll find it at Walmart or any food store!

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              1. Oh it comes already premade, that’s awesome, I will look at the grocery store tomorrow for it . Your independence day is before ours as well? wow! haha, we could practically do 2 celebrations in one month! lmao

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