I’ve been thinking about starting another blog and maybe a YouTube channel about cooking and with recipes. I don’t know if I actually will but I’m toying with the idea right now.


37 thoughts on “So…

  1. I love black beans πŸ™‚
    actually this post reminds that I am making tacos tonight for dinner, I will be using refried beans instead of black beans but hey still going to taste great!

    I think you should definitely venture out and make a new blog with another hobby! nothing wrong with change and adding new things to your life. I think YouTube would be a fun adventure as well!


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    1. Ooh yeah black beans are so good but I usually add refried beans to my tacos as well! I’m having tacos for lunch tomorrow!

      Thanks but it’s so time consuming so I think I’ll start it during my summer break so I can concentrate on it for a while!

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      1. Oh yes, it will be time consuming, you are preaching to the choir! lol I know all about time consuming work! >.< blah, I try to work on the blog before work always and after the gym, it keeps me in routine -but I don't always check my replies until the next day :/ but I will try to get better at it.

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      2. Yeah I haven’t been checking my notifications as much these days either because I don’t even have the time to reply to comments with all the assignments I have due soon!

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