Enjoy Summer Vacations Productively

Fun things to do this summer!

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Our world is changing rapidly. Modern society is replacing joint families with small nuclear ones. Nowadays, both parents are opting for a job, which leaves children under the care of housemaids. This lets children do whatever they like. They have become more comfortable in their houses. Rather than stepping out and exploring outdoor activities, kids prefer video games, television and smartphones. These gadgets have become the new toys for modern children.

In this environment, summer vacations have become a period of lethargy for school children. Rather than learning and doing productive activities, children waste their time on electronic gadgets.  It is a stressful for parents as they do not know what might be the best way to keep their children active during this time.

This summer vacation, encourage your children to do productive activities which will not only enhance their knowledge but will also help them to inculcate good values.

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