Top Travel Tips For Introverts

Great tips!

Hey travel lovers and welcome back to a whole new year of blogging! We have some great posts for you in 2019, but for now we are going to be sharing with you some of our favourite travel tips for introverts in celebration of World Introvert Day.

  1. Always travel with headphones, a book and maybe even a sleep mask – If you are too nervous to talk to people then this is one of the easiest ways to avoid conversation without appearing to be really rude.
  2. Try a retreat – There are plenty of different options for retreats available, whether it’s writing, spa, yoga, or something else. Retreats tend to offer a calm and quiet space in pristine natural settings. You will probably end up surrounded by like minded people who like to keep to themselves.
  3. Order room service – This can be a nice break if you have not…

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10 thoughts on “Top Travel Tips For Introverts

  1. I enjoy when I see a reblog pop up because I can then branch on to read other bloggers. Thanks for sharing, excellent tips, however I don’t think that being introverted gets in the way of travelling for me 😊

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    1. I really like sharing posts I find interesting because I feel like my readers will enjoy them too plus the post will get more views through my blog.
      I’m glad it doesn’t get in the way for you and you can enjoy travelling!

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      1. That’s very good of you 😊 Thank you, I am glad too, though I do need to bring extra books and a set of headphones when I go on holiday. Train/plane/car noise makes me feel sick so listening to music is a cure ❤️

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