Owning Property In Dubai’s Luxury Golf Estates

Dubai’s luxury accommodations have always made a mark on world’s real estate market and they have been advertised to be among the best ones around. Many new developments and communities have been built over the years and they all have their own exclusivity and special features that grab the attention of most discerning of home buyers.

There are many developments across Dubai that exploit the exclusivity of golf and the aspiration value it has to offer being a status symbol. With many golf courses in the city, there has been an increase in the golfing properties across the town. As golf estates in Dubai offer a perfect mix of landscaped greens and privacy combined with high ROI, investors are ever ready to grab every opportunity they get to spend here.

Some of the top Golf communities in Dubai include Emirates Hills, Arabian Ranches, The Lakes, Jumeirah Golf Estate and Victory Heights and they all present some of the top-selling luxury accommodations with all premium features and amenities on offer that you could have asked for. In fact, the best among the lot is the lush scenery and landscaping that adds to the value of luxury accommodations in these communities giving them a perfect golfers’ touch. Due to the luxury features and prime golf course location of these properties, more and more investors are planning to throw their money at these residences. And, with high demand, the developers themselves are focusing more on developing similar establishments.

So, if you want to own an investment property in Dubai, you should definitely buy one with connection to a golf course. The reports suggest that estimated premiums for such integrated properties are 20% higher compared to the properties that don’t have any golf connection. This means golf courses are only the second most-favorite attraction after waterfronts when it comes to desirable locations in Dubai. In fact, that shouldn’t be restricted to investors only. And, even if you are looking for a second home in
Dubai, these stats should be encouraging for you to buy a property in one of the luxury golf estates in Dubai.

If you talk about Jumeirah Golf Estates, it extends a world-class lifestyle not just for the investors but also for the residents where the recently opened Clubhouse is the latest luxury on offer and is also the reason behind its increasing popularity. The property also houses a couple of championship golf courses that have been designed by the experts to offer an impeccable golfing experience.

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The latest district being released at the Jumeirah Golf Estates was Al Andalus. It combines some of the most amazing Mediterranean apartments and townhouses to redefine luxury living for the residents of Dubai. The residents of Al Andalus enjoy exactly the same lifestyle and quality that is on offer for everyone else residing in the Jumeirah Golf Estates.

So, if you are planning to buy a property here at the Jumeirah Golf Estates to taste the kind of lifestyle people enjoy here, you can expect to pay Dh5 million for semi-detached, entry-level villas. However, if you have the luxury of a massive budget, spend Dh30 million to put your hands at a 12000 sq. ft. property. Obviously, the amenities on offer and the size, landscape and location of these properties would vary accordingly. And, believe it or not, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’re sure to explore much more when you’ll actively start looking for a property here and see what kind of masterpieces are available for sale.

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So, what are you waiting for then? Take the plunge and invest in one of the luxurious properties out there in Dubai’s Golf Estates. You’d surely experience a lifestyle you haven’t imagined ever before.

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