Validation And Your Highway To BROKE

Biggest boy on the planet! Waddup!??
You’re here, You’re there!
You’re everywhere turning up: popping bottles, lighting it up at every other club on the streak every gaddam WEEK bruv! You know, as a bad guy!
We see you; We sit at the table you paid fo’ & sip on the champagne you bought while at it but you know we ain’t paying a dime – we hail thee, thats sufficient right? That’s all you ever wanted anyway! Validation.
So yea, you’ve now been validated. Foot the bill, bruva. Yea, that’s what the big boys do, right ? They fool around
On Friday nights though, you forget rent is due on Monday 🏾‍♀
Pepper them gang! Your aim is to emphasize that the world is REALLY a global village ON YOUR DIME.
Show us pepper! From Thailand to Cayman Islands to Zanzibar, then give us Paris! You know, give us Bora Bora! We ain’t even hating.
First class flights – because you know, you have to stay miserably relevant.
We got it.
If you don’t post it, it never happened. DUUUHHHHH! If you fly economy, you’re disrespecting your father’s fatherssss. (I mean, I know right!?).
We gon live vicariously through you, BALLER! Right? Get that personal loan buddy! Yesssss! Use it to pay for your throttling ambitions ! How else we gon hear it though!??? Yep! I feel you!
Thoughtfully, you know – your credit cards can pay for the logistics in between, ex your 5k first class tickets. PURFFEKKTTT
I mean that girl you’re finna holla at gotta see that you gat it boo! She gotta know that you can “handle” her with your liability-self. OKKURRRR
She has to think highly of your you!! Come On!
Now that all is said and done, You’re now married to this chick who validated you AND y’all are DOWN AND OUT hommie !
75 THOUSAND US DOLLARS in credit card debt! And you think it’s the works of your enemies, you know, them haters – who’ve always been jealous of you hehehehehehehehe
Dude, 75k!!! How did you get there mehn?!!! HOWWWWWWW????
Spending and living life on your own terms is not the problem. WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER!!
If you’re living on >50% of your paycheck after taxes, YOU ARE ONE STEP ABOVE POVERTY LEVEL.
Shape up.
Fix your life.
You Need To Live A Little, I get it – but before then, DOUBLE YOUR HUSTLE!!!
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