How To Gain Followers Without Posting Pictures on Instagram

14 thoughts on “How To Gain Followers Without Posting Pictures on Instagram

  1. Thanks for sharing Pooja. It’s hard when most of it is just playing the algorithm game, even here on WordPress. I did that on my first blog. Now I am here with my new one, gaining followers much more slowly. But it’s a more regarding experience this time, focusing on people and content, and not just trying to spam the algorithm. Good luck continuing being vegan. It hasn’t worked out for me yet 😀

  2. The follow/unfollow game is just a mark of immaturity. I’d rather earn real followers and feel healthier about my choices to grow a fan base. It’s strange to me that anyone wants to build such a shallow, unreal base of followers. It’s really kind of sad when you think about it, as it seems more about instant ego satisfaction, and less about quality content and a real followers.

    1. The follow/unfollow people like you said don’t care about followers but also it kind of doesn’t make sense to me because most Instagrammers have apps to find out who unfollowed them so you’re going to get unfollowed anyway.

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