Get Over Your Ex (Book Review)

About The Author

She is an indie author. Her native language is Croatian. She started with a blog where she described life situations like satire stories. Then she made a collection of 4 self-help books. After this, she decided to write short stories based on real events. She is between romance, drama, and thriller.

Amazon Summary

This is a book for women who passed through breakups. Find how to get over your failed relationship. Men might be interested how to face it with illusions about their ex-lovers. The previous relationship is sometimes the obstacle for a new romance.

Goodreads Summary

This book is written for women who passed through a hard break-up. You can enjoy in real stories with a dose of sarcasm. I wanted to inspire you to stand up and smile after your personal defeat. This book reveals both sides, how to handle a break-up and the pressure after you leave your partner.
It is not the same to be abandoned or to get out from a relationship. Here are examples and stories about couples who learn their lesson in a harder way.

My Thoughts

As you guys know I love supporting WordPress writers and Kristina is one of my favourites We have been friends for quite a while now and I always enjoy reading new books from her. It’s really inspiring and impressive how well she writes considering English isn’t her first language. I have been lucky enough to see her writing grow and evolve and this book was one of my favourite book from her so far.

This book is written to help women struggling with getting over their ex or moving on from a relationship. It is witty, sometimes anecdotal and amusing but underneath it all there is actually some solid advice on how to move on from a relationship because obviously this isn’t always an easy thing to do. It analysis different situations and gives advice on them and how to better deal with them.

I would definitely recommend checking out this book and all of Kristina’s other books too because she is quite a fascinating writer!

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