5 Memes All The Foodies Out There

Image result for foodie memes

Image result for foodie memes

Image result for foodie memes

Image result for food memes

Image result for food memes

If you’re a foodie I hope you enjoyed these memes!

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29 thoughts on “5 Memes All The Foodies Out There

    1. Eat all you like in moderation. Your habits , actions , thoughts and emotions are found to influence your DNA over time …This is in epigenetics …

    2. Program your thoughts and emotions into feeling good about yourself and loving yourself and others unconditionally while being and doing the best you could …

  1. Kitkit advertisement has said : ” Have a break , have a kitkat …” nice jokes.

    Seriously , eat everything you like but in moderation but focus on fresh vegetables and fruits , drinking enough water and moderate sports plus feeling optimistic and loving as much as you can to be healthier …

  2. im screaaaming!! i literally just got home from trader joes and I already ate a frozen meal and im eating some chocolate snacks i got and also drinking my tea i got from there too. it’s getting to be a problem but its a good problem (as long as im happy right?) great memes thanks for sharing!

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