5 Time The IT Crowd Was Hilarious

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The IT Crowd is such an amazing show although it’s not that well known. I would definitely recommend watching it if you haven’t already. And I hope you enjoyed these quotes!

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33 thoughts on “5 Time The IT Crowd Was Hilarious

  1. I love the IT crowd, whenever there’s a technical problem I always say: Have you switched it off and on again. I interviewed a tech guy for a summer job and I even asked him do you say that first to your clients, and he said yes!! Lol

      1. I’ve worked in such environments. The entire series is a total snapshot of how life at work in real life is like. Of course, being a comedy, they take everything to extremes. But even there…. been there, done that (some of it, pretty much all of it 😉 )

      2. If any of you know the comic “Dilbert” – it’s a little bit like that with real characters and as a TV series. (albeit Dilbert is even darker, more satirical and as such, sometimes as deep as philosophical stuff). Just filling my 2 cents in… O:)

  2. I had a niche blog and now I write on a variety of topics. For me, it comes down to being genuine. I do need to market more, but again, in the end, it’s about connection.

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