Lichen Poem: T.O (Guest Post)

by Caden738

Will you ever try to learn

The errors of your fits

By now you should know

Not all problems can be solved with hits


When you are proven wrong

Your quick to throw a fist

When close friends get more than you

You talk badly of them, and refuse to coexist


You see the problem here is that your forty-three

Your not still in diapers, or playing with a plastic toy

You never let those around you feel happy

If you yourself don’t feel immense joy


When your day has gone bad

You make sexist, and racist remarks

You once made a waitress cry.

90% of people want you to get eaten by sharks

Hear that? Most people want you to die.


Is that how you want to be seen?

In your final days don’t you want someone by your side?

Then grow up, and grow kind

You still have time to change the direction of your tide


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This writer is currently looking for work, as a freelance poetry writer, or content writer- if you are interested in working with him please contact him at

45 thoughts on “Lichen Poem: T.O (Guest Post)

    1. You do realize that you left no link to your blog, and one cannot simply access your blog by clicking on your avatar? Plus I get tired of seeing things like this. You spammers need to stop intruding.

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      1. wait why cannot you access my blog by pressing on my avatar ? also I apologize if you felt like I was intruding. I am however just trying to get my blog out there..
        Thank you


      2. If you want to get your blog “Out There” then go the professional route–and honestly the road I wish I had taken a year ago when I began my blog–advertise. Write guest posts, use Google Advertising, Bing Advertising, or you can even pay bloggers (Even the blogger which runs this very site, Pooja G.) To post your guest posts, which advertise you, get you “out there”, and increase your SEO rating. Incase you didn’t know, your SEO rating is just as important as your writings, and services, because it helps determine who will see those writings, and use those services.

        Simply Put: SEO determines your traffic, and outbound links (Links to your site which people input into their post. P.S commenting and leaving a link to your site doesn’t count) increase SEO.

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      3. That’s the fun part! You decide! It’s a minimum of $1 a day, and there is no maximum! But to be completely Frank I was just throwing google put there. Bing is the better way to go (And just like google you decide how much to spend each day, with a $1 Minimum).

        Bing is easier to use, simpler, and you can manage everything from the Bing Advertising app. To get google advertising up, and running you would also need the WordPress Buisness Plan, because they force you to input several things into your site, which are only possible with the buisness plan.

        With bing you don’t need to do those things, all you need is a custom domain like, wouldn’t work, but if you just purchase the domain Alone you can avoid the yearly plan, and just pay $15 a year for said domain.

        Bing is also:
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      4. I think she was correcting herself- she meant a guest post not an guest post. I’m not sure why but some people correct themselves like that. At least that’s what I hope.

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      5. no I didn’t mean that I meant because I used a wrong word so I was just correcting my mistakes..sorry for the misunderstanding


      6. A guest post is a post that you write, but someone else publishes on their blog. Then generally they leave a link to your site on their blog, and give a caption such as “To see more from this author click here {Click Here is usually the words embedded with your sites link} or go to {Enter site name here}”.

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        I cannot remember where I read this but what it said was:”80% Of bloggers are looking for people to write them a guest post”.

        So since your blog is about “Style & Health” (I can see your sites tagline, but cannot access the site) then go to other style blogs, and health blogs; contact them; ask if you can guest post; Wait for a response (BE WARNED: Sometimes people don’t even give a response, so don’t hold your breath)

        The larger the blog, or site the less likely they are to respond. So go to the wordpress dashboard, and type in “Style”, or the word “Health”, maybe “Health Blogs” etc. Stuff like that. Then find a blog that isn’t too big (I’d say that isn’t above 50,000 followers may be to big, and they might not respond), and THATS ACTIVE. Make sure that they have a constant stream of posts. (You should also have a constant stream of posts. It helps SEO, and the more posts; The more attention your blog receives)

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        I was persistent doing this, and now I receive 10-30 views a day on one of my sites, and 60+ views a day on another.

        It all pays off once you have those views, all the work, and money you put into your blog seems worthwhile, and it is.

        If you have any other questions then feel free to ask! I can tell your a young blogger! Always nice to see a young blogger! But let’s not fill up Pooja’s post with comments…. go to it’s my sites contact page, I’ll respond to all your questions! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      7. For the most part yes. You see there are 3 ways someone can see your comment, and the only way in which they can see your comment, and be able to click your gravatar is when you are responding to them, and they are inside the wordpress app.

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      8. When you respond to me, if I use the wordpress app then yes I can. But everyone else, the random passerby’s who view the comments, cannot. And only 1 in 10 people who use wordpress have the app, so for them to see your site you would have to respond to a comment of theirs, and hope to God they have the wordpress app.

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      1. I understand. Thank you for your honesty, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who witnesses, and even endures such terrible behavior from someone who has power and authority over me.
        It’s strange how some people want so much power and control over other people, but seem to have no control and power over their own existences. They behave like this out of frustration. You might want to have a look at this:
        The good news is that their victims usually learn that this behavior is wrong and hurtful, and choose to live a completely different life. As strange as it may sound, the more you witness this, the more educated you become, and the more you readjust your own behavior to become a better person than your father. On the bigger scale of things, that’s good news!
        However, for now, try to stay safe! Have a wonderful week-end. 🙂

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