DEAR ME: An Open Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

Wow. So you’re finally 18. Legally adult huh?

Struggling with mental issues and self disgust and suicidal thoughts and what not, you made it to 18. I know you used to think you won’t ever make it till even 18, but here you are, a published author and happy as can be.

You owe it to a lot of people. I know. But still, seeing you as happy as you are now, I am really proud of how you managed yourself and made it to this point. And now you’re managing blogs and Instagram accounts and got an impressive follower count for a beginner.

You know, you never gave yourself enough credit. You know how to take care of yourself and others too. You have got a great set of friends now. I mean you used to be so scared of making friends and talking to people, didn’t you? Now look at yourself. And don’t worry, the rest of the transformation will come as you get through college and get a job. Interacting with people becomes easier with time, don’t worry.

Now my last piece of advice for you is that don’t worry so much, enjoy. Enjoy life as much as you can because you only get one life, don’t waste time worrying. And besides, you’ll never be as young as you are now. Leave the worrying for the adults and go have fun!

Continue writing and reading books. Do more of what makes you happy.

And to everyone who is struggling like me, I’d like to say, just hang In there. Everything works out in the end. Don’t ever lose hope. No matter what.

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28 thoughts on “DEAR ME: An Open Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

  1. Going through mental depression and self doubt. Thought I’ll be successful in IT but as you know it life is strange.
    You’ll make it, u fall, u get back up. But in the end, it would work out. Thanks for this post and God bless

  2. You encapsulate a lot of Wisdom for an 18 year old. Goes to show us that this relative thing called time means nothing.

    I am practicing my every day, and every moment to be grateful.

    Loved your letter.

    May your words be a “Pooja” 🤗

  3. Yes, always hang in. School years can be rough. I work in a school at the moment and my heart breaks over the number of young children struggling already.

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