Behind The Author: Life’s Fine Whine

Check out this interview I did on Mathew’s blog! It was so super fun!

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Hello again friends and bloggers,

On this week’s Behind the Author interview, I’ve managed to nab the ever-fabulous Pooja from Life’s Fine Whine for a little discussion. This segment deals with authors and bloggers who have achieved some level of success through their work, and I pick their brains to find out how they got there. I also seek to gratify my own innate curiosity about the rest of their lives and I do it all to share with you!

Today’s Guest: Pooja of Life’sFineWhine

I hope that you will enjoy this’s week’s Behind the Author interview. Now, let’s get to it. 

The Interview

Mathew: Hello Pooja! I am quite excited to be conducting this interview with you. You’re a successful blogger with over 9,000 followers on Life’s Fine Whine. You have a cultured background, being raised in Kenya, ethnically Indian and now living in Canada for your studies. Where…

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12 thoughts on “Behind The Author: Life’s Fine Whine

  1. Nice interview! It took me years to finally figure out what kind of novel I wanted to write, with several abandoned attempts along the way!

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