Lichen Poem: Jealous Man (Guest Post)

by Caden738

In this mortal plain

It doesn’t matter what I win, or gain

There is this man

Who treats me like trash

I’ve accomplished so much more

Yet he acts as if he’s rich

Lying about house’s on the shore

Calling my success a universal glitch

He thinks all the women want him

That they all love, and are obsessed

But is he ever so dim

He doesn’t see but their breast

Into their soul where they believe his lies

He doesn’t get the picture, which is so much bigger

Which is that the women are rarely nothing but a gold digger

Then when he meets the perfect Gal

Who doesn’t believe his false claims of money

Though still loves him, and She fills up his love canal

With meaningful, true, metaphorical honey

Sadly though that make’s him depressed

He believes he cannot show off this women like he can a young one

He only likes the ones which he says will “make his friends impressed”

So he breaks it off… loses his one true hon

That’s this man, shallow, and of lies

A man of hate, and social caste

The man who is not wise…


For more from the author check out his blog and Twitter. This writer is currently looking for work, as a freelance poetry writer, or content writer- if you are interested in working with him please contact him at

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