Creepy Messages I’ve Received

So last week I did a post about things not to comment on a blog post and put up screenshots of creepy comments I’ve gotten. I also talked about some creepy messages I’ve received from bloggers on social media and I asked if you guys wanted to see those and some people were interested so I decided to share this creepy convo with you guys.



Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more messages and maybe I can make this a weekly segment!

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120 thoughts on “Creepy Messages I’ve Received

  1. So I just posted on this topic, requesting comments. I’m practically 58, happily married and never been into womanising. I frown upon guys who don’t see the girl inside the body. Have a heart, guys, notice the purrson, not the packaging. There lives a human inside.

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    1. Yes exactly they’re people exactly like men. They have personalities, intelligence and a lot to offer. Hitting on random women who have no interest in you is never okay.


      1. Methought as much. I feel she should be allowed, rather respected, to be herself. I spent much time on your IG with my darlingmost wificle just now and can’t blame them, yet you should be respected for being you.

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      2. Yeah I feel like just be respectful like don’t write anything creepy that you know would make some uncomfortable and if someone tells you you’re making them uncomfortable you should stop.


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