Creepy Messages I’ve Received

So last week I did a post about things not to comment on a blog post and put up screenshots of creepy comments I’ve gotten. I also talked about some creepy messages I’ve received from bloggers on social media and I asked if you guys wanted to see those and some people were interested so I decided to share this creepy convo with you guys.



Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more messages and maybe I can make this a weekly segment!

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120 thoughts on “Creepy Messages I’ve Received

  1. His English is horrendous. It kinda looks like he used a very bad translator or something. In what Universe did he learn how to write like that? If it was me, I would have gone all Grammar Nazi on him and corrected every error of his. 😂

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    1. Lol I’m pretty sure he just translated most of it and obviously it didn’t work out well. Haha bad grammar really annoys me too but I’m way too anxious to correct people 😂

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  2. I’m so glad it’s not just me that gets these weird messages he could have been a Nigerian scammer as I have had some of those and once fell for one of their tricks not knowing at the time. He was probably trying to reel you in and would then give you a sad story and ask for money.

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  3. Girl, the fact that you replied and gave him a chance to be a decent person, and not be creepy shows how good of a person you are. I haven’t had issues on WordPress or Twitter, but Instagram…disgusting. We need more, put these creeps on blast. Also, wedding singer GIF on point. Everything I see Jon Lovitz in, he’s either creepy, high, or both!

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  4. First, I love the intro GIF that you chose. Second, I’ve gotten tons of similar and more graphic messages on my Twitter and Instagram. You are sweet to answer them. After receiving images of private areas, I no longer respond to certain messages. Mostly starting with hi, hi____, hey, or the like. This was a really fun post. 🙂

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    1. Thank you I thought that gif would be perfect for this post! Over time I’ve learnt the same lesson- don’t respond to random people unless you know them from blogging or in real life.

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  5. I only LIKE your post because of the assertive way you dealt with this individual. Whether or not you post more of these “conversations”, of course, is totally your call but, personally, I’ve seen enough.

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  6. I’ve had this experience many times, which has made me slow to accept friend requests from people I am unfamiliar with. The minute I accept or even say hello, I start to get the creepy messages and end up having to block the user. It’s sad that individuals do this sort of thing, using any form of social media platform they can. Ugh!

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