A Question! |By Caden738

Let me know your thoughts by taking this poll:


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48 thoughts on “A Question! |By Caden738

      1. That’s a good question @Baller! He is also part raccoon because he keeps knocking over the garbage can when I’m not looking. He’s a rescue cat and was a stray for 20 months of his life, so he was probably conditioned to find scraps and seek affection for survival. This cat greets me at the door, follows me around the house, and is super friendly and playful! ♥️🐈

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  1. I never even got to vote!
    If you give love, affection, food, water and a home to a dog it thinks you are a god.
    If you do the same to a cat it thinks it is a god.

    Cats are responsible for killing millions of wild animals.

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  2. Interesting.
    The result was 58% Dogs to 42% cats while the internet is populated mostly by cats…
    Maybe because dog people have to walk their pets while the cat people just stroke the pet in there lap while browsing?

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