3 Tips To Blog Better |By Caden738

Perfection is simply impossible. There will always be problems. Hence there will always be a
better. Meaning that every blog could use three 3 tips to get just a little bit better. Because while
perfection may be impossible it never hurts to try.

1. Interact With Your Audience

Someone is more likely to return to your blog if you–personally–interact with them, when
possible. This means responding to their comments, making polls they can vote on, and even
using a one-on-one writing style.

Don’t just list facts, stats, and whatever else in your articles but actually interact with your readers. Talk to your readers in a fun, charismatic that’s gonna make them happy. Heck, try out some humor, and jokes. Talk to your audience as if your talking to a person sitting across from you at a dinner table.

This is a test for Spam-likers, and Spam-commenters. Please do not like this post, and please do
not comment. Anyone that does is a spammer. Thank You.

By following this writing-style, and interacting with your audience in these ways they are more
likely to return. Making your blog better in Stats, and audience interaction.

2. Easy & Accessible

When I first started blogging on my site theh2digroup.com I must have had 23, or 25 categories.
I just created more, and more categories all the time. I would generally create categories such as
‘Cats’ and then never post there again.

Can you imagine how unorganized my site was? It was just a mash-up of so many different
things that after a month or two It wasn’t apparent what my site was about. Which made is harder for me to connect with my audience.

Not to mention the fact that it made it harder for my audience to find the articles they were
looking for, so they gave up, and left. I lost countless views because my site wasn’t easy, and

Again please note that this is a test. Please Do not like, or comment. We are testing the waters for
spammers. Thanks For Your Cooperation.

Making your site easy and accessible is easy. Just simply limit your categories, and have a
simple homepage where all of your articles are shown.

3. Care About Your Site

You can’t make something good, profitable, and amazing if you don’t care about it. If you don’t
care about your current site than find something you do care about, and maybe transition your
current site into something that you do care about.

For example let’s say you hate cats, but love dogs. However you notice that cat websites have
more profitable. So you start a website for cats. I say who cares about profit if your unhappy?Change the site to dogs, and BOOM your happier. Just. Like. That.

Lastly please allow me to remind you one more time: This is a test. Do not like, or comment.
Anyone that does is a spammer. Thanks.


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For more from the author check out his blog at theh2digroup.com. This writer is currently looking for work, as a freelance poetry writer, or content writer- if you are interested in working with him please contact him at Caden738@theh2digroup.com.

28 thoughts on “3 Tips To Blog Better |By Caden738

  1. Lovely post. I can relate to tip number 1. I enjoy reading blog posts that address me, I feel like a huge part of the conversation and most times by the time I’m done reading I leave a comment 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As someone who’s new to blogging, thank you. I don’t really know if I have a “niche” or “audience” yet, but I’m opening to learning anything else I can to get better.

    Thank you!

    Here’s to hoping we can collab one day!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Interacting with your audience can’t be overstated. I went from 4 followers to 160 in just a month simply by talking to people. Granted, a lot of those followers aren’t genuine and never read my blog, but many of them do.

    I’ve noticed the category issue on other blogs. I’ve seen one blog that has 10 categories and every single post is under all 10. What’s the point of that?

    And… I guess I’m a spam liker and commenter. 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha we’ll make an exception for you!

      Yeah over doing it with the categories doesn’t help at all the whole point of categories is to only use one or two relevant ones to help your audience find specific posts.

      Liked by 1 person

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