How To Make Money Off Ads #2

Making money is an essential part of any blog that you hope to live on one day. Unless your an ecommerce store, or a donation page website then Ads are going to be your best shot at making that living.

How To Make Money Off Of Ads

We are going to be discussing 3 Topics:

  1. Traffic, & Visits
  2. Ad Provider
  3. The Value Of A U.S View

Traffic, & Visits

The main way to make money off of your ads is traffic, & visits. You need traffic, and you need visits to get those impressions, and clicks you need.

The best ways to increase your traffic are simple: Post frequently, and have a posting schedule. Getting your blog on schedule helps SEO (Site Engine Optimization) which helps you to get views.

Gain Keywords. You need keywords to be indexed by Google. However you can only get keywords for every article you post if you have a paid site plan. (NOTE: If your hosting with WordPress that plan is $300 a year. The “Buisness Plan”)

Use Ads. There’s Google Adsense, Microsoft Ads (Formerly Bing Ads), Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Pretty every single social media has their own ad platform. (Except for Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, and uses their Ad platform). I’ve had the best (Read: I’ve payed the least, and gotten the best results) with Facebook Ads. However you could pay up to $0.30 every time someone visits your site.

Gain traction in the Blogosphere. Read another bloggers posts, leave thoughtful comments, and expose yourself to them. Don’t bother them and leave links to your site in the comment section, don’t follow them so they’ll follow you, and don’t spam like them. That’s the wrong kind of exposure. It’s annoying too. This one is the cheapest, and easiest. Just be an active blogger, and be an active subscriber, and fan.

Ad Provider

Let’s list off some things you’ll need to know first.

CPC: Cost-Per-Click. How Much you get paid every time someone clicks an ad on your site. Pays higher than CPM.

CPM: Cost-Per-Impression. How Much You Get Paid Every Time Someone Views an ad on your site. Pays dramatically lower than CPC.

Ok. Understand?

To make sure you get the most money with your ads you’ll need the best Ad Provider. Such as Google Ads, Infolinks, and WordAds if you’re a WordPress User, and so on. The best ad provider is the simplest one, and the one that pays you the most.

Please Note: It may take 3-6 weeks before you start to profit with your ads. It takes time for them to integrate with your site, and make you a profit. So it may take up to a year to find your perfect Ad Provider.

Most people automatically want to go with Google Ads, cause Google. I’ll admit it: Google Adsense pays higher. But they are way too stressful, and complicated. Not to mention the fact that they regularly boot sites from their program. Its one big headache that I would just avoid.

Your goal is to find the easiest Ad Provider that pays the most. Some ad providers pay you by only CPM. Meaning that if someone clicks on your Ad you won’t get paid extra, but you do get paid more for people just simply seeing your ad. Some pay only by CPC, which is only good for you if your site gets about at least 2, 3, 4, or 5,000 views per day, because clicks can be sparce. (It all depends on how engaging your visitors are) A majority however pay by both CPC, and CPM.

The 2 I’ve had the best experience with are WordAds, and Infolinks. But was the easiest, and simplest. And if your not a Jetpack WordPress user then WordAds aren’t an option.

(Tip: A lot of major sites use up to 3, or even 5 different ad providers. But generally 1, or 2 Ad Providers will make up a majority of their income)

The Value Of A U.S View

Well it’s more the Value of a U.S, U.K, and Canadian view. Clicks, and Impressions from these countries–especially the U.S–are worth more, and hence pay more. Its because a lot of Ads are e-commerce companies that don’t ship to India, and China, and so on.

However there is a value to a view from India. Aka, the cheapest place to get views from.

(Please Note: This may affect your ad revenue negatively)

If you just want views well then do I have news for you! If your ads (FB ads, Microsoft Ads, etc.) Are set specifically for India then you may only pay 0.03-0.06 per click. That’s 1650-3,300 views per $100 USD. However like I said in that Note this may hurt your ad revenue as Frankly ads from those countries are worthless to major Ad companies, and if they see India as your main source of traffic they MAY just automatically reduce your CPC, and CPM. Sorry.

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28 thoughts on “How To Make Money Off Ads #2

  1. Thanks so much tons of helpful info! My confusion comes in WordPress upfront fees for paid a site. I want to upgrade but $300 is too much of a jump to start. I’m unclear fees for the more basic blog plans, do you have any info on this? Thanks again!


    1. What if I told you that you could have the buisness plan for about $20, or $25 a month? Not upfront. You pay by the month, and can cancel with the click of a button.

      It’s complicated too some people but really it’s simple: Move your DOMAIN over to, and then host with WordPress.ORG. You’re currently using wordpress.COM, but by hosting with WordPress.ORG and having your domain through GoDaddy you don’t have to pay any of the usual WP Yearly Fee’s you pay by the month.

      It can be all setup in 10 minutes too! I know I sound like a salesperson, I’m just passionate about blogging.

      The best part is that with the Buisness Plan you can get the YoastSEO Plugin, which means you can get Keywords, Rank higher on Google, and if you post consistently it’s not uncommon for people to be able to make a living by their Second or Third year of Blogging.

      If you want some extra SEO help, and just good advice I suggest checking out Not only good articles, but he has free SEO Tools, and consultation that can help improve your Sites SEO.

      If you have any other issues, or questions feel free to ask or email me at! 🙂


      1. I will be emailing. I am so interested if I weren’t so sleepy I’d do a jig 😂 I actually have a domain through google but this tech stuff often goes over my head. I’d love to grow creatively and improve my posts. Any passive income is appreciated but I’m here because I love to write so I’m using this space to slowly get more comfortable with sharing mire if me.


    1. It’s all from experience. The thing I forgot to mention however that all it takes is the lowest level of paid wordpress plan to be able to use With you just simply sign up, and input the link into your post! 🙂 So if you ever start up a secondary site that may be useful (Read: Cheaper) knowledge 🙂

      If you have any other questions feel free to contact me here, or email me at 🙂


  2. making money seems all too hard as a blogger. I think I’ll just write what’s in my heart and not try and sell it.


    1. I’ve made a substantial bit of side-money. I haven’t been able to make an income, but I see it in the near future. Also Yes the $300 a year plan was worth it. Because even if I hadn’t of made my money back I still would have ranking Keywords (Because you need the Buisness Plan to download plugins, like YoastSEO for Keywords)

      Ranking Keywords are invaluable. At least to me they are. It’s really a matter of opinion.


  3. Thanks for the information! I had Adsense on Goggle for years until for some reason I couldn’t understand, they took it away. Now I am looking for future options.


    1. Well that’s really how most Ad Providers are. It all depends on the market (Just like Stocks) sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down.

      Sometimes there’s a bunch of Companies spending money on Ads, sometimes there isn’t. The Advertisment market fluctuates dramatically, and our Payout depends on Whether or not there’s companies paying good money for Ads.

      Liked by 1 person

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