5 Tips To Grow Your Blogs Views

The main component to a site staying active is views. Tons of Views can not only make a Blogger smile Ear to Ear, but it can increase your Passion. When you see that people see what you’ve written you get this immense sense of Happiness, and your blogging gets even better than before.

So let’s discuss 5 Tips To Grow Your Blogs Traffic.

1. Consistently Posting & Keeping On Schedule

Blogs that only post once every week, or just at Random receive less views. It’s a fact.

If you want to grow your views than you not only need to consistently publish posts, but also do it on a schedule.

Try to publish your posts on Set Dates, at Set Times. Example 1: Publish a post every day at 5:00 PM. Example 2: Publish A Post Every-Other Day At 6:30 PM. THE OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS. The point is to just keep a schedule.

2. Write Good Quality Content

Google is more likely to index something that’s easy to read, and has good quality. Did you know that?

Not only will quality content help you rano higher on Google, but Its more likely to get shared on Social Media.

Oh, by the way…

3. Be Active On Social Media

Social Media is an Essential for a billion plus people. Many websites nowadays receive a majority of their traffic from social media!

So if you want your blog/site to reach more people I suggest signing up right now if you haven’t already.

My Website theh2digroup.com has a Twitter Page, And Facebook Page that I Keep active. And since doing so I’ve Drastically increased my sites views.

I get the best results with Facebook. In fact I get horrible results with Twitter. Th only real upside with twitter is the Impressions.

On twitter 50 people may see my post (I.e Impressions), but only 1 may actually click the link. Hoever on Facebook 20 people may see my post, and 15 may actually click the link. You can see the difference.


4. Engaging With Your Readers

You can engage with your readers in a plethora of ways:

  • Polls
  • Responding to their comments
  • Liking their comments
  • Talking in a manner where it appears as if your addressing them, and not an entire audience.
  • Making your posts funny (Getting them to laugh)


Engaging with your readers is how you get recurring visitors. Recurring visitors are people who always read your site, and visit consistently. They are incredibly valuable.

5. Stay In Your Niche

Have you ever noticed that the most successful websites have a Niche. CNN.com has the News Niche, Cracked.com has the Humor Niche, and NeilPatel.com has the Marketing/Internet Advice Niche. These are all sites worth Millions of dollars.

It’s no new fact that successful websites have a set 1-3 Niches. And if you do have more than one the 2, or 3 you have all go hand-in-hand.

Example 1: A site with Blogging Tips may also feature Marketing Advice, like NeilPatel.com

Example 2: A self-help niche site (Aka: Self-Improvement site) may also dabble in the Confidence Booster Niche, and Physical Improvement Niche.

Before We Go Remember This:

You can’t expect thousands of views in your first couple months. Rather expect hundreds, or tens of views in your first couple of months. Don’t try to rush your sites Improvement it will happen over the course of many months/Years.

Blogging is one-third writing, one-third SEO, and one-third patience.

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50 thoughts on “5 Tips To Grow Your Blogs Views

  1. It’s a little tough to say that bloggers should upload content daily especially when they’re in the #travel niche.
    I for one, prefer posting quality content once a week after doing good research and making sure that my writeup would help someone…
    Just a personal opinion…

    Liked by 7 people

  2. I need to develop a schedule! I have been telling myself this for a while. I post on Tue and Sat, but I have missed a few here and there- I need to be consistent. Whew the struggle!! Thank you for sharing – this is really helpful information! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Well that’s complicated, you see the cheaper services just allow you to schedule posts–that works mainly on twitter, as you can already schedule posts on Facebook–it costs around $10 a month. The larger services however would allow you to Schedule, and it would have random people Controlling and posting stuff on your account. They would post stuff that’s trending, or that would get tons of attention. And if you want there are services that let you mass delete posts that are free.

        Personally I wouldn’t do this. My most successful Social Page is Facebook. On Facebook my page has 105 Follows, on twitter I have 1,000+ Follows. Yet Facebook gives me at least 20 times more clicks. That’s because people on Facebook are more likely to engage with a post. They are more likely to Like, Comment, share, and Click. So since I can already schedule on Facebook i see no point in hiring a service.

        But its different for everyone. Some people only have 500 twitter followers and they get 20 likes per post. Some major brands have 20,000 and get the same number of likes. It depends on A. Your personality, and B. Your Audience.


      2. I’ve noticed that too! I have more twitter followers but get way more IG likes, even with these followers! I just began my Facebook page, what’s the name of yours?


  3. Thanks for the tips. You make it sound like once a week is a horrible idea. What if a consistent schedule for me would be once a week? It takes a lot of time to write a good blog post, keep up with your followers, comments and likes, and search for other blogs etc. and I have other responsibilities. The performance world schedule can be hectic. I’m sure other people have similar experiences. Would you say that consistency at all is better than frequency? How do you balance your blog with your life?

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    1. First of all Sorry if I made it sound like a bad idea. Secondly yes consistency is better than Frequency, keeping on a schedule is better for SEO, and can increase your blog views in the long run.

      And actually posting once a week could be very rewarding. So long as that one post is very high in quality. Many successful blogs that only post weekly have weekly articles that are somewhere from 4,000-10,000 words long, and are very informative.

      However They also input at least 10 keywords per Article, which is what makes them successful. You need keywords to rank on Google. So if you want search engine traffic by posting once a week you would need to make sure that the article is keyword-rich.

      To add a keyword to your Articles you need the wordpress buisness plan, and Yoast SEO. To add several keywords to Articles you need the WP buisness Plan, and Yoast SEO Premium.

      If you host with GoDaddy and WordPress.org the buisness plan is about $25 a month. If you only use WordPress.com it’s a yearly $300 Package.

      For Yoast SEO Premium it’s either a Yearly $90, or a monthly $20.

      At the end of the day this costs from $390-540 a year, but it’s the only way to add several keywords to your Articles.

      Most people in the Blogosphere however don’t get their views from Search Engines, but from Subscribers. And blogs that post weekly don’t usually have high amounts of followers, if you want high amounts of followers you should post at least 3-7 articles a week. But the good news is that these articles only need to be a minimum of 500-1000 words, and don’t need keywords.

      So it really depends on you, and how much views you want. Do you want to make one AMAZING post a week, and spend $390-540 a year to gain keywords. Or do you want to post several times a week and gain Subscribers.

      If you have anymore questions or I was unclear on anything feel free to ask me anything.


  4. About staying in the niche… I don’t really have one. I started this blog with he intention of marketing a memoir I want to publish and perhaps grow followers. Then, coming up with a schedule and continue posting while running a full house proved to be more tedious work. Now I’m running a small resale business from home, and I’m thinking about also including a small page or link out to my store while the rest of the blog looks like a boring “online diary” where I’m now posting once a week (day and time are never the same). Writing this comment is helping see the amount of work I have to put into this, not complaining, just hoping you see something I’m not seeing here. Thanks for this post!

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    1. On average on my site H2DI I rank for 1-2 Keywords per Article. I’ve had great success with SEO.

      Just do a Site Audit, fix all your your sites issues, and eventually you’ll start ranking better!

      Also be sure to use YoastSEO…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Your welcome! And thanks so much for the feedback! It’s really appreciated!

      Also I just wanted to say that if you want I can give you some tips on how to get all the stuff the WP Buisness Plan (The highest plan on WP) offers for only $3.95 a month.

      Thanks, & Have A Great Day! 🙂


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