Reader Profiles – Pooja

I thought this was really cool and had to share it with you guys!

Robert C Day

Pooja’s a complicated kitty, and complicated kittens are kind of difficult to write about so I’m not even going to bother because actually, she does a better job all by herself on her About Page on her WordPress Blog (don’t click on the About Me page on her Gravatar (see link below) because it’s broken). From there you can discover:

  • What she looks like (although there’s a better picture on her Gravatar)
  • The things she blogs about
  • The places she has roots and branches in
  • Her favourite musicians, books, TV shows, movies and interests
  • The social media platforms she uses
  • Her contact details and
  • How insanely popular she is (642 likes and 386 comments and rising on this page alone).

This is a girl/woman who likes to put herself about. And I mean that in the best possible way. And I think that I just found out why: it’s her job!…

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