Blogging On Facebook? Caden738

Could Blogging On Facebook be the next big thing for bloggers? In the years coming will Facebook Overtake WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy and be the worlds largest Blogosphere?

If your interested in Blogging on Facebook let’s discuss the Pro’s, and Con’s first… To Continue Reading Click Here

31 thoughts on “Blogging On Facebook? Caden738

  1. I used to be an admin for a page long time ago on facebook . And its pretty easy to have your page deleted and getting reach cam be pretty hard as well . I personally like instagram and WordPress better , hastags and keywords really help with reach .

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  2. I used to admin FB fan pages and collaborate with other Facebook users. That’s where I met most of my pen pals. However, there was A LOT of drama and people didn’t really take the time to read posts. I also ran into the issue of getting suspensions from using FB because other admins posted things that violated the rules. Yet everyone got penalty for it if you were involved with the page.

    Personally, I haven’t used FB since 2017 and stopped adminning pages years ago. If it were to make a comeback, I don’t think I would be inclined to use FB pages again based on personal experience.

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    1. I’m not a big fan of the drama either, and constant penalties. That’s why I use FB simply for my blogs page, and I only post Links. I never post anything that would give them any reason to suspend me. It’s a bother, but Facebook is my source for 20% of my Views.

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      1. That is really smart to only post links on FB so people can find your blog, Caden. The pages I adminned years ago were anime fan pages. Unfortunately, my admins who were also my online friends liked posting inappropriate content even I specifically told them not to. It wasn’t easy kicking them off since I was friends with them (thus making things more complicated) so I quit altogether. I wanted freedom to write and post whatever I wanted, and I didn’t want family spying on me every second of the day like they do on FB.

        Blogging opened up a whole new world for me and it’s better than I ever hoped it would be. I only knew of WP because I did a project in university using this blogging platform, so I had already learned the basics of blogging. 😅

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      2. Blogging has opened up/improved my world too. I feel like its made me a smarter person (because of all the research I have to do to write a great article).

        And the Spying was actually a driving force in my quiting FB. It was just sort of creepy to always be watched.


    1. Actually MySpace is still up-and-running, and it still has a loyal FanBase. However in recent years it has tried to make itself more of a Media Outlet than a Social Network.

      But since I doubt you’ve recently read an Article from MySpace you can probably tell that that isn’t going well.


    1. The thing with FB is that it’s got a Bigger Audience, and it’s easier to use. However your page is more likely to attract trolls, and if you are more likely to have your page reported.

      Personally I don’t recommend blogging on Facebook, but if someone has a hard time on WP Facebook is the next logical option.


  3. I truly hope not. FB is good I feel for groups, i am a member of far too many, but I have to say I don’t feel it would make a good blogging platform. I crosspost my blog posts to there but that is about it. Way too many things outside of the bloggers control on FB compared to WordPress.

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  4. Facebook will never be able to replace WordPress as a blogging platform because it is not trustable at all. Facebook is accused of selling & misusing people’s private information. Second Facebook is a very negative platform where people troll others whereas WordPress is full of positive people who appreciate and support you.

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    1. Facebook traces your every move even when you’re offline. When you again connect to the internet, Facebook servers get an incognito update from you. I see it as crapware full of spyware.


  5. So many of us, for reasons of security, did #deleteFacebook. It is regarded as something for very old people and therefore I cannot have it. I’m not even 60 yet! 😂😂

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    1. I’d never blog on Facebook, but as you said I do Promote my links on there. This Article is more of a guide for people who can’t figure out WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Godaddy, and other providers.

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