Want To Write A Guest Post For A Larger Blog?

I’m looking for some people to write some Guest posts for my sites Darkleigh.com & Theh2digroup.com. I’m looking for Poetry, Creative Writing/Short Stories, & Blog Tips/Advice Articles. But All Categories Are Accepted! 

Your articles will either be published on Darkleigh.com, or Theh2digroup.com

The Benefits Of Guest Posting:

  • You’ll Get A Backlink. Which Is Good For SEO.
  • You’ll Help Get Your Name Out There
  • You Can Increase Traffic To Your Own Site
  • And More!

53 thoughts on “Want To Write A Guest Post For A Larger Blog?

  1. I have some parodies I wrote a while ago that I didn’t publish on my blog. They were for a school assignment. I wrote parodies of Ariana Grande’s songs regarding diseases/illnesses (COPD, dementia, and death/dying).

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    1. That would be fine so long as it wasn’t too Close to the originals, for legal reasons. Even a blog with only 10 views a day can be sued. They have very high-tech copywrite check machines that scan the whole world wide web just looking for plagiarism for a lawsuit. If you fill out the form up above I’ll get back to you shortly.

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      1. That’s mainly why I haven’t published them on my blog either, being parodies and such. That, and confidentiality issues related to nursing school and health care in general. I wouldn’t want to get in deep trouble for sharing something that could get me in trouble. I remember YouTube being really strict about copyright stuff as well so I get where you are coming from. Based on what you said, I’ve decided not to do it. Lawsuits aren’t worth it for a little fish like me. 🙇‍♀️

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