Share Your Childhood Dreams

As a child I’m sure that you had that one big dream? A dream that you always wanted to make real? Possibly this dream was to be a doctor, perhaps a King, or Queen of an intergalactic galaxy. Well, whatever the dream is–No matter how Real, or Fictitious. You can also submit any nightmares you have as a child that you just can’t forget. And Please Go As In-Depth As Possible on any type of submission. πŸ˜€

NOTE: We Are Especially Interested In Any Recurring Daydreams You May Have Had As A Child


21 thoughts on “Share Your Childhood Dreams

  1. To join the star trek voyager , and travel through space on adventures learning new things such as the fact that each star we see at night has its own planet. I never knew as a child that most of the information in those shows were really true.

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  2. First I wanted to have beautiful clear skin. Acne at any age is a mf but growing up with it can be DEPRESSING. And I wanted to be a famous writer like Stephen King. And have a nice beautiful house with a waterfront view

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  3. All through my childhood, I wanted desperately to be just like the girl next door. Unfortunately I was a boy born into a male dominated family.
    So, I played football when I wanted to be a cheerleader. Went to the prom in a tux instead of the beautiful dress my date wore.
    After college, I was drafted into the military during the Vietnam War. I served my time but never lost the idea I was somehow living a lie. I cross-dressed every time I had the chance to relieve the pressure and explored the idea of living a feminine life.
    Along the way, I went through two marriages to women who knew of my “secret.” The second passed away quite unexpectedly leaving me free to make a decision in my life.
    Finally, at the age of 60, I came out as transgender and started hormone replacement therapy to feminize my body as much as possible.
    I began to live my life as a transgender woman. Found an incredibly accepting partner and settled into living my dream.
    It took me awhile but now I feel blessed to have lived on both sides of the gender fence.
    I have also benefited from my daughter and three grand kids who also are extremely accepting.
    In many ways I feel I should come out sooner.
    However the wait was worth it.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your story. I am so glad you that you were able to eventually transition and live the life you dreamed of with the support of your family.



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  4. As a child I dreamed of becoming a lawyer. That may sound strange for a childhood dream, but it was something I could see myself doing. Anyway, as I grew up I lost hope in our legal system. The laws are flawed and the prison system is about money rather than rehabilitation.

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  5. To make a companny that help the earth called earth green.. me and my brother design a hybrid car that versitile at all terrain. I save animal that in trouble in my garden, like stuck insect or lizard.. earth green always stuck in the bottom of my heart…

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  6. I had a few different dreams, as a child, of what I wanted to be, but the one that stands out the most was my desire to be an artist. I have always LOVED to create and to express my soul.

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