Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! This year I’m going as a stressed out university student…

Let me know how you spent Halloween and if you dressed up let me know what costume you wore in the comments below!!

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45 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Happy Halloween pooja, just watched ‘The Conjuring 1&2’ a bowl of popcorn and another bowl of chicken, by myself after a tiresome day. The movies scared me tho

  2. Here is how I celebrated Halloween:
    • didn’t buy a pumpkin or decorate the house. My house is the same as always.
    • didn’t buy costumes or dress up. Nobody did.
    • didn’t take the tyrant toddler out because I cannot handle her by myself in the dark in a foreign neighborhood. Rather not chance it.
    • did not eat Halloween candy and settled for some knock-off gummy candy instead (it’s all I have in the house right now)
    • no kids came to my door because I live in an apartment. Edit: no apartment neighbor’s kids came to my door probably because the tyrant toddler’s screams and k-os is terrifying enough.

    What I did instead:
    • played video games because why not? The toddler did not approve though, so it was short-lived.
    • made protein gummies from scratch over the stovetop. My toddler wanted nothing to do with the cranberry ones but ate all of the orange ones (psst. they have stevia in them)

      1. Yep! Really can’t beat that kinda evening. Even if the candy was just “meh.” Hence why I made some homemade “healthier” candy to accompany the knock-off candy! LOL

  3. We got over 100 kids at my house this year, it was great. I had a few spooky decorations outside, the sinister laughing pumpkin etc. Great time, I dont dress for it though and my kids are older but all the little kids in my area more than made up for it. Hope yours was fun too, take care !

  4. Just go to a crappy for-profit university like me and you’ll never be stressed! I may not be able to find a job in 3 years but my classes are SUPER easy. 😉

  5. Being pregnant, and with a rockstar theme at work, I dressed up as a hillbilly garage band guy. Couldn’t resist using the baby bump as a beer belly!! Cardboard guitar and all!

  6. This Halloween,I am so glad that after long time picked up my drawing pencil and colours to paint a witch,my son loved it.

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