I Need Some Advice

So I was thinking about getting some hair extensions and I was wondering if you guys wear extensions and if you buy them online would you leave a link to them in the comments. Also any tips to do with hair extensions would be helpful!

I appreciate it thank you!

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64 thoughts on “I Need Some Advice

  1. Sorry, I’ve never tried hair extensions so idk anything about them. It would be better to spend a bit more on good quality ones than cheapie ones, from what I’ve heard.

    1. I’ve seen some good reviews about extensions from amazon so hopefully yours will be good and I definitely think natural hair is better.

    1. Thanks but the whole point of extensions is that I don’t want to grow my hair. I love having short hair- it’s easier to manage, uses less products and takes less time to maintain- however sometimes I want long hair without the hassle of maintaining it which is what the extensions are for.

  2. So I’ve had some experience with clip in extensions , and I really like the human hair kind . whats nice is you can dye them and experiment with color that way . If you live in an area with a hair or wig shop you can find some good deals and check out the lengths and colors.

    1. Thank you so much that’s super helpful! I really like the way human hair looks on some of the sites I’ve seen so far so I’m definitely leaning towards real hair. I didn’t think of checking in stores I’ll definitely give that a try too.

  3. I’ve never had them. I always had “way too much hair” and I cut 7 and 1/2 inches off ten years ago. I love it short and my hair is thick.

    Good luck with whatever you select.

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely love my hair short too but these days I’ve kind of wanted longer and more thicker hair so I decided on extensions. I also have the way too much hair problem so I rarely grow my hair very long.

  4. I Love my natural hair, but it is so thick that sometimes i need a vacation from it so i use extensions (braids) with synthetic hair.
    I don’t think it’s wrong to use artificial hair if you have the right intention, to do it for yourself not for others to aprove. You are being yourself and creating your own fashion.
    Clothes and other stuff in this world are also artificial but we need to use them so we don’t go around naked on the streets ;O.

    Since i was liten i use braids (natural and artificial) and people ask me all the time, is that real hair? I usually answer: am i real? are we real?

    Go girl and do what you want with your hair 😉

    Tips: http://www.rapunzel of sweden.com
    for braids: http://www.lightinthebox.com

    Hugs, Marlyn

    1. Omg thank you so much you’re the best! My hair is pretty difficult to manage so I prefer keeping it short but I’ve been wanting longer hair with more volume which I think extensions would be perfect for.

      Lol having extensions does not make you fake whatsoever it just means you’re trying out a new look like you said it’s like clothes or shoes.

      Thanks for the links I’ll definitely check it out!

  5. I’ve tried clip ins from a few different places. This is something that it is better to buy quality. Buy a nice set. A nice set will last you. Good luck!

  6. Hi Pooja! I don’t have much experience with extension but I know a channel on YT which has various info about extensions and hair, check it out, maybe you find it valuable. This is not an ad, I’ve been following Mimi, the owner of Luxy Hair and I enjoy her content: https://m.youtube.com/user/LuxyHair

    1. I was actually thinking Luxy Hair too because I love their channel and they are pretty affordable compared to other brands. Thanks for the link and information!

  7. What kind you getDepends on how long you plan to wear them. Synthetic can be nice for about a month and they will not be that expensive. On the other hand natural extension will cost more but they will last 5x longer

      1. When I first saw her, two years before we met, it was luxuriously long and thick, hanging well over her bum. It is almost there again. I tell her she’s the High Street Lorelei when she goes out on the balcony in the mornings to brush them. A coppery reddish banner.

  8. Your hair looks amazing anyway I wouldn’t bother. I Do natural masks with any or all of the following avocado, egg, oil or castor oil and vit e and it will grow thick and healthy in no time. However I had to have all my hair cut of at one point, so when I went out I felt a little naked without a mane ,😁 so at one point I have bought real hair on line… not as creepy as it sounds😳😂 then you can sew it however you like. At a fraction of the cost. I used a micro fine almost hairs bredth fine transparent thread .. and then in my advice is use clips, because EVERY friend who has ever glued or used the rings for any length of time has seriously damaged their hair. Three of them having to cut hair right off and start again after. And they spent an absolute fortune and had it done by top people. Also the constant up keep and strands in hands etc lol is laborious.
    Plus the constant pressure and weight is tireing on the head so at the end of a night its fab to be able to unclip them. A bit like As taking your shoes or bra after a long day.😂 but obviously this is only in my experience as that’s all I’ve got.😘

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience it’s actually really helpful!

      I don’t want to grow my real hair and prefer keeping it short because it takes too long to maintain my hair when it’s longer but I also want really long hair sometimes which is why I decided to get some extensions.

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