Reasons To Turn Blogs Into Vids (& How To Do It)

I’ll Cut to the chase: Some People are lazy. They like to listen; they don’t like to read. There’s one reason, but please allow me to show you an additional 2 reasons.

1. A Video Speaks

When you read a blog post what do you hear?

When you write a blog post what do you hear?
Do you hear a confident voice when you read other people’s blogs?
Do you think they have a confident voice when they read your blogs?
Videos, and podcasts have a voice, because people hear your voice. They don’t get to create the voice that they hear like they do when they’re reading. The only voice they hear is yours. Which means you can better connect with your audience.
It’s a recurring topic on this blog: Emphasis!

2. Audience

Yet another recurring topic: Audience.
You want your blog to appeal to as many audience’s as possible! And videos have their own audiences!
That’s really all… it’s an audience you can appeal too…

How To Turn Posts Into Video’s

It’s very simple. Just follow these steps:

Choose a post

Gather up at least 10, or 15 photos that work with that post

Create a slideshow that lasts 3-5 minutes showing those photos

Record yourself reading your post out loud, that is around the same length as the podcast

Put the recording of you reading your post, over the slideshow

Then you have several other options:

Post on YouTube

Post on Spotify, or another podcast service (If you choose to just do this then you may just need the voice over)

Or, post on your site

Or maybe… post your video on every platform possible to reach the maximum amount of people!

Extra Tips

Always add a link to your site in the video (&In the description)

Also leave links to various social media in the video (& The Description)

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