5 Ways To Set Up Your Blog

Blogging is more than publishing a story, an article, or a Photograph on a site. So many people forget that blogging is also about the site itself. You need to set-up your site so that your articles are accessible, people can easily subscribe, and so that it reflects you.

1. Setting Up For Subs

One of the most important parts of blogging is subscribers–your audience. That’s why you want to make it easy for them to subscribe. Do this by adding an email subscribe form in your sites widget footer area.

If you have a WordPress blog than you can also place an easy blue one-click subscriber button for other wordpress members.

You can also, employ the help of MailChimp. Aka set up a pop-up subscription form after someone has been on your site for a set amount of time. 10 seconds; 10 minutes; that’s up to you.

2. Article Visibility

So this here can get more tricky than it should be. Let me just ask you a simple question: How do you want your articles to show?

  1. Do you want people to see lists of excerpts of your posts (the first paragraph or two), and then see a “Click To Continue Reading” embed (Showing featured photo is optional)
  2. Do you want them to see your posts listed your featured Photo, and the post title, again with an embed that says “Click Here To Read” (That’s what you call a “Card”)
  3. Do you want the same thing as number “2” except for you also want them to see the first sentence or two, of your post? Or maybe a short description of said post?

These are the 3 most common, and professional ways to show your posts.

You rarely see a blog, or site that shows their posts other than like those 3 ways. So choose one.

Next decide if you want people to immediately see your posts when they visit your site. They can see:

A. A Posts Page, or

B. A Homepage

A Posts Page Is a page that displays all of your most recent and/or features posts.

A Home Page Is a page that shows your sites services, description, or really whatever you want.

If you run a buisness, and this site is for that we suggest having a Homepage. However for blogs we suggest just having a normal posts page.

Now after you’ve made your decisions as to what you want you just have to find a them that supports the format you chose.

Now available themes vary depending on your website host, whether it be GoDaddy, WordPress, Weebly, WIX, or whatever. But most web hosts offer you hundreds of free themes that will allow you to build your site to your liking.

3. Pages

Are you just googling photos for your posts, and using them? Congratulations! That’s illegal, and you could get sued for Thousands of dollars.

Now personally I suggest not using random photos for your posts, and instead using Pexels or other Stock Photos. (Stock photos are photos that you can use freely), but did you know that in many cases a simple page for your site could help protect you again lawsuits?

It’s called a “Disclaimer”, and it’s not the only essential page for your site. There are also “Terms & Conditions”, and “Privacy Policy” pages that can help protect you from lawsuits. Now of course these pages can take a lot of time, or to be safer you may have to pay a lawyer, or some other professional to write one up for you. But it’s worth it, if at the end of the day your not homeless. Right?

NOTE: A “Disclaimer”, “Terms & Conditions”, and “Privacy Policy” page will NOT protect you from every legal liability. It is suggested to avoid any images, or anything else which may be subject to copyright.

Pages Can Also Be…

  • About Pages giving your sites history, and other fun facts about your site
  • (Only if you) If you have a Homepage, then you need a separate page for your blog posts
  • Contact pages so that people can contact you
  • Guest Post pages which tell people about how (if you do) accept guest posts, your Guest Post categories, rules, and how to contact you.

And more! Pages can really be whatever you want!

4. Logo

Your sites Logo is very important for growth, and recognition. Like did you know that Targets logo, is just as known as the Target franchise itself? When most people think of starbucks they imagine their logo. So what’s yours?

A logo can be anything, but there are some things it should not be. Like:

  • A Picture of yourself, a selfie (Unless it’s a collage)

That’s all.

You need a logo that represents your site. Take my site Brightleigh’s logo for example:

It’s simple, and it let’s you know that my site is about animals. Primarily dogs.

Then there are also logos that are just random, simple, elegant, and unique like the Walmart Logo. It’s just a couple lines really. Again look at my other site Darkleigh’s logo for an example of this:

NOTE: Me using my own sites logos goes back to number “3”. You see Starbucks, Walmart, and just about every big chain retailer has copywrighted their logo. So its illegal for me to use it in my blog. This is just an example of being smart, and not infringing copywright.

These logos are easy to remember, and the Darkleigh one you’ll never see elsewhere. Because its unique. Just create a logo like that for yourself.

5. Personalizing Your Blog (Optional)

There aren’t many ways to personalize your blog, and several themes dont offer ways to personalize your blog. That’s why this is Optional. But nonetheless I’ll still telly ou how to of it’s an option.

Here are many of the ways which you can customize your blog, or site so long as you have the correct theme:

  • Your Logo (We already talked about this)
  • Your Font. Hey, Maybe instead of basic font you want one that’s thicker, skinnier, or heavily italicized.
  • Your Font Color. Blue font, pink font, green font, blue font. (Yes, I know I said “Blue Font” twice) preferably use a font that goes well with…..
  • Your sites color. You could have your site be black, or grey instead of white. This actually can be very good in some cases, like with my site Lichen. Now Lichen is green, so I made my entire site green with grey font.

These are some of the most common ways to personalize your site. Mainly because their aren’t many other ways… but the Wonderful World Wide Web is always improving at a mile a minute. I’m sure theirs gonna be a thousand more by the time 5 years Flies  bye.


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19 thoughts on “5 Ways To Set Up Your Blog

    1. My favorites are Pexel’s, and the Wikipedia Commons. But you can also just type what your looking for into the Google Search Bar, Click Images, Scroll The Bar All The Way To The Right, Click “Labeled For Reuse” and use any photos there without having to worry about a $10,000 Lawsuit.

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  1. I’m still not quite following. I’m trying to build a homepage here on WordPress, and I want it to have a blog. but I’m confused. I made a page with a blog theme. And I can post things on my “posts” page, but nothing on the Blog page. I can only write headers, but below it is a grey box that claims “no posts are detected” (or something like that). I just don’t know where to begin. 😦 Is my blog actually the Posts page? And I need to like it to the blog page or? I need help, and I don’t get it. 😦 Please someone?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What your describing seems to be an issue with your Theme. If I were you I’d try and change my theme, to see if that resolves the issue. However if it doesn’t then it’s an internal issue… sadly since you use wordpress.com instead of WordPress.org you will need to contact WordPress Support

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you!
        I think I got the blog to work. However, I have another issue. Maybe you can help me there too?
        When I started the free version here. I get a “Homepage” page. But I can also make other pages and posts. I made pages that my homepage (which is the first page you get to) links to. But apparently, the linked pages don’t work. I’m not sure if this is because they’re not the same page as my homepage, or because I did something strange? Do you know? I set the pages to public, but I can only see them if I’m logged in and I got some error message “AMP cannot be enabled”. I have no idea why? Help? 🙂

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