5 Ways To Be Positive This Year (Guest Post)

We know that everyone is working here to be successful. When will we become successful? If we will work on mindfulness. It’s very nice to say you that I got an information in the news paper from the new teen age generation .Today youth generation become very strong, mature, careful, working along with nice responsibility. Congratulations my dear for your nice improvement.
Now question comes that if everything is in hand with this generation still this generation is in pain, in depression, in worries why? Do you know? There are plenty of reasons for it but we can’t focus on the reason , let us we will focus on how to be positive in this period .
Everyone is searching for happiness maybe you have money or not ,but we must have to learn how to be happy in any situation. It doesn’t mean that we will be away from our goal. We must have to be focus on our goal but while achieving our goal how is our journey is important ? Is we have losing our daily happiness, we are losing our daily life, we must have to learn in every moment of life. Means if you are sleeping , sleep comfortably, if you are eating eat comfortably, means in which moment you are must have to be happy in each moment. Keep attention on your satisfaction , is I am completely satisfy and getting happiness to my soul?
Okay , let us to the points which can keep you positive in this year.
We know that there are a lot of things happening around us . We can catch some things easily it may be right or wrong but we get disturbed easily with it and mind gets distracted for it. It can disturb our regular work, our carrier work or anything. These things are coming to us from social media or mass media but we must have to know that which I have to catch and which I have to leave it.
You must have to decide to be live in the positive people who can give you good energy, good advice along with motivation.
That types of people who can uplift you , keeping your mind happy ,avoid the person who is always complaining about life, always crying  and keeping you also in danger zone. You must have to search the person who is keeping you happy and giving correct way for your life.
SIMPLE BHOJAN: We think that the people who are eating everyday fast food , junk food, are eating high level food. But no , we know that our Indian life style gives well prepared bhojan which contains more amount of proteins, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, fibrous , etc which can keep you light in any way, can’t increase your weight, This type of food always keep your mind fresh.
DAILY WORK OUT:  TO be away from negative thinking and stress we must have to work on exercise. In this year 2020 we must have to give 30 minutes everyday for body exercise. This exercise you can do at home .There is no need go in the jim .Walking and running maintain your all physical and mental problems. You can walk daily 10,000 steps to be healthy.
AWAY FROM BAD NEWS : Learn to catch good things and keep limitations on handling your gadgets. If you will keep away your gadgets for some time you will be automatically away from so many stressful things. As  today everyone is getting disturbed when he is away from his gadgets but this is the time to be light in your life. In this time limit you can talk to the neighbors, your friends, your relatives, your family members , your pets ,etc. Keep some time for prayer ,meditation or worshiping the God.
HELP OTHERS : Whatever you are earning or whatever you are doing your work you must have to give it to the others. Be graceful for it what I am giving to the others. When we are giving anything to the others we have to be great mind means do not keep expectations from the front person. Give it with full of scarification. As scarification gives a lot of energy. This energy is so powerful that no one can  challenge it. Scarification means not to go on military border for it . You can help for small things in the daily life . You can help to the person who want lift, give the help to the poor students who want study more, give help to the old age person to get them life.
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27 thoughts on “5 Ways To Be Positive This Year (Guest Post)

  1. Very useful tips. Can I add ‘reducing outside noise’. Its important to find pockets of time to sit in silence and do nothing. My family household is a busy one with growing kids and while I would never change that for the world, they know the importance of stillness and quiet time. Its akin to those library evenings where everyone just sat in their own world. There’s too much noise in the world today, physical and mental, find time away.

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