What I’ve Learnt About Blogging

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Blogging…..people think when you start blogging that you just write about stuff and boom it is post to the internet. Boy was I wrong about that! There is definitely more to blogging than just making a post. One of the first things I learned when I decided I wanted to blog was that you need a niche. Coming up with ideas for blog post does take time. The way I came up with my niche was I needed to write about topics that I love and I do in my everyday life. Getting my blog noticed is another challenge that is harder than you think. Networking with other bloggers and reading their blogs is smart thing to do before you start blogging. You can see how the layout of their site is and how they write their blog post.
How did I get started blogging? A little over 2 years ago I was involved in a work accident. I had 3 surgeries done due to the accident. I was a custodial supervisor when the accident happened. With time I had being laid up I was looking to get in a different kind of a profession. I wanted a job that I could do from home. Working from home would be a really good fit for my family and I wanted to something that was less stress on my body. I always was interested in blogging, but just did not know where to start. I started researching about blogging and what was involved. I seen that people do actually make a good living blogging. I thought why not let’s give this a try. My wife was very supportive of my idea to give this profession a try. I first did think “this can’t be that hard to do”, but as I stated earlier, it is more involved than I first thought. I did know that I was not going to just start a blog site and post a bunch of stuff and boom money would start coming in. It does take time to get your blog site noticed. As I came up with my niche and what topics I wanted to talk about, I really enjoyed writing blog post. I would love to be able to make blogging my full time job.
I am still learning new things everyday. Not only just ideas, but learning how to get my blog in search engines and getting people interested in what I am writing. I looked to see how do people make a living blogging. One of the things I learned was that there are affiliate programs that companies use to advertise on your blog site. When readers see these ads and click and a purchase with one of these companies you will get paid a commission. I started applying to these affiliate program and was rejected a lot at the beginning. These companies just do not accept anyone, there is criteria that a site has to meet. I started posting more blog post and as I started getting more traffic I reapplied and finally got a few to accept my blog site. I am in my 5th month of blogging and I have not really made any money yet, and yes it very frustrating because I really would love this to my full time job, but I have not given up.
I really do feel like I found something I love to do. I love when I get feedback from other fellow bloggers and when you see insight of how many people visited your site for the day. It makes me feel really good that people are liking what I am writing and are interested. There is still a lot to learn yet and there will be more bumps in the road with blogging. But I am still very motivated and if anyone wants to start blogging, go for it! Yes it is hard and it does take time. Blogging has been very rewarding and a great experience.
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72 thoughts on “What I’ve Learnt About Blogging

    1. I would love for blogging to be full time job as well, but I know that it would be a long shot. So I try to approach it as something that is just a fun hobby. Anything more than that would just be a bonus. Keep at it!

    1. Thank you so much and glad you enjoyed the post! I would suggest just reach out to them via email/DM and let them know you’re interested.

  1. helpful reading your post. i too would love to make a living out of blogging and find it difficult and time consuming. I tried the affiliate programs but not too tech savy when it comes to it.

  2. I like to think most people have interesting stories about how they started blogging.
    For me, I’ve been posting short stories on my WhatsApp status before my friend advised that I could start a blog. The best thing that ever happened over a year ago.
    Blogging is fun, and the new friends you make is even more reason to keep publishing…

    1. Yeah I agree everyone has a unique story about how they started blogging which is always interesting to hear. I’m glad you started blogging and making new friends is always fun!

  3. Massively encouraging to read for a new blogger. I’m currently brainstorming future posts based on a years worth of travel experiences… but I know it’s one thing to write about it, and another to be able to do it for a living. Well done for keeping one going! Persistence is key… I assume! 😂

  4. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought this when started!
    In the few weeks that I’ve been doing this I’ve learnt quality > quantity.
    At first I thought I’d be able to bang out 3 or 4 posts a week, but quickly realised that wasn’t going to happen (not for me anyway).
    I wanted my posts to actually mean something, so I stepped back and waited for the wave of inspiration to hit me, then I’d start writing.
    Now, this means I may have a have multiple posts a week up, but it also means I may only be able to produce one a week, depending on how much time I have free, and how inspired I get.
    I quickly realised this was fine as readers will appreciate the fact I’m posting better quality content.
    Anyway, really enjoyed this post and I’m definitely gonna to check out his blog!

  5. I love this post. But first, thank you visiting my blog twice!! I really appreciate that. Now, I just started my blog on Tuesday and trying to get my blog notice.
    Don’t give up. You got this. Always take baby steps!!

  6. This was very helpful. I’m also new here so this is my first time for blogging. I’m a student myself and I find what you’re doing to be very motivating. Keep up the great work. Cheers!!

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  9. You are a great blogger PoojaG and this blog post is amazing. Would you like to share that even after 5 months of blogging you are not able to earn enough money, so what is that that encourages you to continue and how should we cope with the emotional and mental instability while learning any new skill.

    1. Thanks! To be honest don’t expect to earn money off blogging for the first year or even for the first few years. Blogging is great but it’s also very demanding and like all other professions you need to learn the skills before you can start earning a good amount. I guess just stay positive, keeping working hard, stay consistent and have a backup plan.

  10. I would love to do it full time as well , to be a permanent job someday, I’m still so new and my niche is about what I did everyday, farming . You’re right! It really takes time to start making money if we just started . I also did like yours, I applied to be an affiliate even on the day I started my blog haha and I learned that day that I need a traffic on my site 😁

  11. Hey Pooja 🙂

    You just contacted me (today) via my Wants.blog site. I don’t correspond with gmail.com, so I wanted to ask you here (because I need to know more details).

    I remember I have featured your writing on one of my blogs, but I think it was so long ago … and I can’t remember which blog (it might have been wants.blog , but maybe it was another blog? )

    At any rate, when I feature someone’s writing, I like to put their face (or logo or whatever identifying mark) on it. Often I will also simply use whatever photos they have associated with that particular blog post. Well, you wrote to me today asking for me to remove (or change?) the photo I used when featuring your blog post, which I am happy to do … but IDK which post.

    Can you send me the URL of the post? Also, if you have another email which is not spied on by Google, then I would feel much more secure about my private correspondence.


    🙂 Norbert

      1. OMG!! Then there seems to have been someone impersonating you! 😯 Yet another reason to NOT trust gmail #IKindaHadAHunchButImStillShocked

        1. Yeah, so please do ignore anything else you receive from this person. So sorry about that. Lol, I think Gmail wouldn’t need to steal my information considering there’s more information about me on my blog open to the public.

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