4 Ways To Beat Writers Block

As a writer you Will encounter Writers Block. Anyone that says they haven’t is ultimately a liar.

What Exactly Is Writers Block?

Well writers block is when a Writer is Stuck. It’s when they can’t form the words in their heads, or come up with topics to write about.
If your a freelancer it may just be the death of you… not literally of course, but it will be hard.

Step 1: Great TV

The best way (Read: Easiest) to get Creative Juices Flowing is by watching Great TV. What Defines “Great TV” is Shows with amazing in-Depth writing.
For me the best show to defeat writers block with is Game Of Thrones. Other great options are:

  • It Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • Lost
  • Mom, And
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

You’ll notice that these shows either fall into thevDrama, or Comedy Genre. That’s because Drama’s are often the most well-written shows, but Comedy’s tend to build stronger more relatable characters; A skill that all writers need.

Step 2: Read A Great Book

The only thing better than watching a well-Written TV Show, is Reading A Well-Written Book.
Not a Little Kid book like the Magic Treehouse, but a more advanced book such as The Great Gatsby, or Farenheit 451.

Step 3: Take A Bath

Epson Salt is optional, but it helps.
Believe it or not but I do a lot of my writing in the bath. Have I dropped my phone a couple times? Yes. But my writing is more… Relaxed. Just as I am.
Relaxation tends to help beat writers block, that’s why you can also take a Walk, have a picnic, Meditate, or do whatever relaxes you. They’ll all work the same.

Step 4: Take A Break

On average for every 5 Posts I publish on my blog I have one post kept in my “Vault”.
My “Vault” is a place where I keep some posts that I Publish when I take a break.
When it comes to SEO (Site Engine Optimization) it can hurt your blog, and cause a decrease in Rankings of you break your Schedule. Yet when it comes to writing if you don’t take a break you develop writers block, and your writing gets Bad.
So I have some backup posts for when I need a break, but so that I won’t break my schedule.
I suggest taking a 1 week break at least every 5 weeks to replenish yourself.
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