Stolen Content And Plagiarism Alert

UPDATE: The interview was taken down thanks everyone for your support!
I’m sure you guys remember that a while back I did an interview for W. Wang’s blog which was an amazing experience. Unfortunately yesterday I found out someone had plagiarized this interview to make it look like the interview was done by them. No credit was given to W. Wang and his name was actually replaced by the name of the plagiarizer.

Original Post

Plagiarized Post

Of course I instantly reached out to W. Wang and let him know because this was his content as well as his hard work being plagiarized. We both reported the blog and I left a comment letting them know that this post is plagiarized and that they need to take it down or use the original post giving full credit to W. Wang. However they have not responded.

So I am sharing this information with you for three reasons. First- I just want to let people know that plagiarism is clearly wrong so don’t do it. Secondly, if you really enjoyed someones content and want to share it there are legal ways to do so without stealing their content such as reblogging or sharing using the share button at the bottom of the post. Lastly, I wanted to ask you guys to report the plagiarized post so that the post gets taken down by WordPress.

If you aren’t sure how to report the post here are the instructions:
1.Click here to go to the blog.
2. Click on the three dots at the bottom of the post.
3. Click the “report post” option.
4. Once you click that you will be redirected to a different page. On that page report the post as spam. I would say report it as copyright infringement but that’s a whole thing (thanks WordPress!) so just report it as spam.
Thank you so much for reporting the post- the more it’s reported the faster it gets taken down! W. Wang and I really appreciate your support.

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Edit: Robin left a really good idea in the comments and said I should leave the text/reason required for reporting the post so I decided to do just that
The post is stolen content and plagiarized to make it look like their own.
Stolen post:
Original Post:

121 thoughts on “Stolen Content And Plagiarism Alert

    1. Actually, the most effective way to deal with this is for you, W.Wang, to report the post as infringing on your copyright, and provide the relevant details of the original post on your site. WordPress then treats that as a DMCA takedown notice, which gives them the authority to take down the post without prior notice to the copyright violator. I’ve done this in the past and they’re fairly quick about it. But I don’t think reporting it as spam gives them the power to act that a DMCA takedown notice does.

      1. Hello, thanks for the suggestion. However, I don’t think I have copyright on my blog posts, which leads to my blog posts easily being copied and make them their credit, so I’m not sure if the DMCA would work in my instance. However, I saw on your website that you have copyright notice. Email me at and we can chat more about copyright.

        1. You automatically have copyright to anything you’ve created on your blog. Openly stating it on the blog is just an extra warning to people; it’s not necessary. Submit the copyright violation notice to WP, give them the link to your original post, and that should be enough.

    1. Wow! Sorry to hear that! I “liked” this article, just to hive it more visibility, not because I like what happened to you!! Thanks for alerting us, not only to the issue, but how to get it resolved!
      Peace, Tamara

  1. I’m so sorry this happened, I know how frustrating and disappointing it is – I have had someone crop out my watermark to my website on one of my graphics from Pinterest. The person pinned the image without my watermark as their own. This was awhile back and I even told the individual to please take it down and to repin the original graphic with my watermark on it, but the person didn’t. I have reported the pin, but it’s still there circling around on Pinterest. I have learned to just let things go!

    1. Thanks and I’m sorry you went through this too. It’s sad that we don’t have more options on how to stop this sort of thing.

      1. It is sad, we both work so hard on things and people just claim it as their own! Because of that, I have a disclaimer page on my blog saying how my viewers are more than welcome to use my graphics, but to not crop out my watermark on them. I also put a graphic on all my blog posts saying a statement about not cropping out my watermark if they are going to use my graphics! Maybe you can do something like that?

    1. I know it’s so sad. I’m always super happy to let people use my content through reblogs and shares as long as they give me credit for the original post. Thanks for reporting we appreciate it!

    1. Thank you I really appreciate it! And then they linked me to it… like if you’re going to plagiarize someone’s content don’t link back to one of the creators…

  2. I left a comment on the plagiarized post this morning as well, after getting W. Wang’s email alerting his readers to it.
    Wasn’t sure of the best way to go about reporting it, so thank you! Going to do it now.

  3. Hi Pooja, I’m so sorry to hear of it. But I very much admire how you’ve dealt with it, and I’ve shared this on my blog, hope you don’t mind. I also agree with RoBIN above, that putting the text version of the text in your final screenshot just underneath, so that anyone can copy-paste it easily into the report field, would make it easier. With hugs and love, and appreciation for your courage.

    1. Yes I saw that you shared the post and we really appreciate your support! Yeah that’s a great idea I’m going to be adding that text for sure.

  4. Thieves of other’s work are petty useless individuals.
    No personality of their own.
    Wonder how they can sleep at night LOL

  5. There is a site in India that takes all the content of my blog and puts it out on theirs!
    It is not reblogged or acknowledged – just copied!

    1. That’s awful you should report it- someone in the comments section said it’s quite easy to get it taken down by reporting it as copyright infringement.

  6. Reblogged this on BUNMI'S CRIB and commented:
    Posting this to support PoojaG of Lifesfinewhine on the stolen content of her blog post. I want to say I so proud of her and how hard it is to kick against wrong actions. Plagiarism is not something to be proud of. Give credit to content owners or reblogging is a better option.

  7. Wait, but you too have plagiarized your About Me page from a mutual friend’s blog (since taken down). So this is hypocritical.

      1. Hi, I didn’t plagiarize my friends post. I used it as inspiration for my own About Me page. This person has Copied and Pasted the post word for word and then changed the name to make it look like it’s their post. That’s stolen content and plagiarism. Using someones content as inspiration and giving them credit is not (the whole point of plagiarism is credit is not given where it’s due…).

  8. Sad to hear this PoojaG. Have I to been plagiarised? I discussed this question in both a post and with another blogger I follow, she’d been copyright infringed and said she’d be surprised if I hadn’t been either after 2 years blogging. Plagiarism is a despicable crime and alas it does go on, personally if some asshole has copied me then I’d rather not know. Sad times.

  9. Sad to hear about this, Pooja!
    I found my artwork was instantly getting copied to a site in Russia each time of posting.
    (Though I’m so unpopular, compared to you, I always crave some extra views! )
    I would have been happy to share, but they never asked me.

      1. In one sense, I don’t really mind: I WANT more people to see my work, and get quite down when days go by without a view.
        (Of course, I’d prefer to be credited as the creator, not just ripped-off.)
        Far worse is that Google has removed my art, so even less people can find me.
        If I type my name into other search engines (eg: Bing/Duckduckgo), then press “Images” lots of my artworks are shown.
        They used to be on Google as well, but now they have almost all disapppeared. (And (coincidence?) it suddenly happened after I talked about Political Correctness in a blog post.)

            1. I’m so sorry you went through that. I know it feels worse when you’re already unwell. Just know that you have a voice here though!

  10. Done 🙂 So sorry this has happened to you. I’ve suffered plagarism myself before and it does hurt when you work so hard to make your blog a success. Link backs and giving credit isn’t hard to do and it make WordPress so much nicer.

    1. Thank you and sorry that you were in this situation before! It really does suck- it’s so much easier to just give credit and work together instead.

      1. Totally! Mine was a slightly different situation, I’d write about a topic, she’d write about the same thing and mention pointers that I’d made using her own wording. At first I thought it was coincidence and then it became a regular thing. It turned out she was just inspired by me, but still!

        1. Yeah that can be very frustrating! I think sometimes people don’t realise the difference between being inspired by someones work and plagiarism.

  11. Sorry this is a late response. I made sure to report it and it’s sad to hear about this! People seemed to have not gone through high school. Or ignored their teachers. You gotta wonder how they got through life.

    1. Thank you and I agree plagiarism is something we’re constantly told about in high school and university- it’s sad that people still don’t get it.

  12. Hi, I wasn’t able to reply to you in the comment, but this is regarding you plagiarizing your About Me page. There’s nowhere you have credited or acknowledged the individual whose content you were “inspired by” in your About Me page. I had signed up to receive emails from this individuals’ website when it was active, so I can vouch that you took more than just inspiration. You copied most of her page word-to-word. You did exactly the same thing as was done to you – plagiarize. I hope you at least had the decency to ask for permission before copying the post (which didn’t seem to be the case when I spoke to this individual after I saw both your posts several years ago). I didn’t want to call you out on it because this person, despite being hurt by you copying her content without asking her, told me not to bring it up to you. But the fact that you called out someone else on a mistake you too have made and are failing to recognize makes me realise how unfair you are to others you stole content from. I guess now you realise what it feels like to have content stolen, because I am sure it feels so much worse when a “friend” steals content.

    1. Okay firstly the individual you are referring to was and continues to be my best friend. Secondly, I literally have pictures of the images of her about me page that she sent to me as well as messages we exchanged where she is clearly okay with me TAKING INSPIRATION from her content. She encouraged me to use her about me page layout because she had been blogging before me and I didn’t know how to set it up. She looked over my About Me page before I published it. She told me how much she loves it as well as my blog in which she left multiple comments while she was active on her blog. I doubt you even know the person I was referring to let alone have spoken to her ever in your life. She’s literally like a sister to me and also happens to be one of the kindest most giving people I know. I’m literally sending her screenshots of this conversation as we speak. Your argument literally has no evidence whatsoever. I have messages and images from her that we sent back and forth while SHE HELPED ME SET UP MY ABOUT ME PAGE AND WORD IT. Lastly, it wasn’t my content that was stolen it was a friends who I had worked with. And this person copy pasted every word and then changed just the name. You know that’s totally different from taking inspiration from someone which is what I did and you know exactly what you’re doing here so that will be the last thing I say on the matter. I hope you stay safe and have a good life.

      1. Again, I’m sorry this happened to you and W. Wang. I know about your relationship with this person, all I am saying is you should at least acknowledge her in your About Me page, especially when you have a lot of success on that page and she put in effort on that page on your behalf. This shouldn’t be hard if you haven’t done anything wrong. Give credit where credit is due – why is that difficult for you to do? If you cannot do that much, then I want you to share the screenshot of her allowing you to take her content because I don’t believe when you say she let you copy her work word-to-word. I absolutely don’t think your sponsors want to hear about you stealing content.

        1. Hi, I have the screenshots ready and I’m fully ready to post them. However if I have to post evidence so do you. Name her blog and full profile name as you claim you know all about her. If you give me the correct information I will happily post the screenshots.

  13. Hi PoojaG. The website name from where you stole your About Me page is “insert title here” and the site address is I don’t want to share the name of this person for the sake of her anonymity and I’m sure she would not appreciate being named on a public forum, and that too yours. To prove that I know her I’ll tell you that she uses her first name and middle+last initials on her public profile, It still baffles me that you are willing to argue with me and share screenshots, but you refuse to acknowledge this person you so conveniently call your sister on your page. Why can’t you acknowledge someone who inspired your page? I’m waiting for the screenshots.

    1. Hi,
      Wasn’t able to attach screenshots on the comments section so decided to make a post out of it. Here’s the link with the screenshots:
      What baffles ME is that you would feel the need to constantly badger someone about something that doesn’t even concern you. This is clearly something between my friend and I and you felt that it was okay to assert yourself into it. You act as if you are on the moral high ground yet if you opened your eyes you would see that you attempted to blackmail me into releasing screenshots of a private conversation by threatening to bring my sponsors into it then when I agree to release the screenshots you try to make me feel bad for it. I would happily have given her credit for it had she directly asked me for it. I would have gladly given her credit for my entire blog even, not just the About Me page because without her I wouldn’t have known about WordPress or even blogging and even if I had some how stumbled onto that information I would never have had the guts to start blogging without her constant help and support. I have talked about how my friend started a blog and that’s what inspired me to start this blog on multiple occasions including on the above mentioned post. You will probably reply to this and somehow twist my words but for me this is the end of the conversation. I just wanted to prove my side of the story because I have the receipts to do so. Again had SHE asked for credit I would give it to her without batting an eyelid

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