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As you guys know content by myself and W.Wang was stolen some time ago and I made a post about it. Someone decided that this was the perfect opportunity to wrongfully blame me for apparently stealing my About Me page from my friends blog who had started blogging before me. Yes I did use her layout as I was totally new to blogging but we were in conversation the entire time and she was totally fine with it which I attempted to explain to this person but some people just don’t seem to see reason. The person then began threatening and blackmailing me and said that if I didn’t post screenshots of the conversation from 5 YEARS AGO where my friend agreed to letting me use her layout/style:
I’m not afraid of them and I have no doubt that whomever they email will not take the matter seriously. However, I genuinely do have the screenshots so I wanted to share them here on this post and send them a link to it in the comments section because I don’t have a Business Plan and can’t attach images to comments. I have nothing to hide and I know I’m in the right so here they are:
If you’re not interested in the drama please feel free to ignore this post I just did it to prove my side of the story.  I will post my regular posts at regular timings tonight. If you are interested in the full drama because who doesn’t love drama feel free to check out the post it happened in by clicking here. 
Also want to take this moment to say that she doesn’t deserve credit for my About Me page because she deserves SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. She is the reason I started this blog, she constantly helped, encouraged and inspired me throughout the terrifying process of posting your first few posts and has remained a big inspiration to me even though she doesn’t blog anymore. I don’t owe her credit for my About Me page I owe her credit for the very existence of this ENTIRE BLOG.

37 thoughts on “Random Drama Post

  1. I’ve seen this kind of infantile game before. It’s gotten common on sites that host mods for video games. Some troll-child with no life trying to pull gotchas and demanding proof that somebody was allowed to take over further development of a file. Granted theft of intellectual property is fairly common there, but nobody appointed them the arbitors of truth either.
    Personally, I’d report this DB to WordPress and the police. That last line definitely constituted blackmail.

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    1. Hi Silk Cords, I have posted this below but I will repeat myself: I did not intend for my last line to be a blackmail, that was not my intention. I just thought that PoojaG’s sponsors could see my comment and make their judgement off of our interactions. I don’t know or care who sponsors this blog. PoojaG has also only chosen a small part of our conversation to display and that appears to make me look bad. But my intentions don’t matter. Whatever action PoojaG wants to take against me is up to her, but she has to realise it might also end up hurting her friend whose About Me page she used, because she is also a dear friend to me.


  2. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. The good news is someone accused you of theft and you can prove you didnt. That makes it a slander/libel and dependent on what medium the accusation happened on at a minimum you could have a valid case this person broke Terms of Service. More over you also have a legit claim that this person’s accusations harmed your brand and could impact your ability to derive income from your blog.
    I know thats probably not where you want to go here, but remember there are rules of engagement. We are all rooting for you, take care.

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  3. They have no life. It was big of you to post proof. No doubt they will now feel worse than ever, and proceed to take their misery to the next likely target. Misery loves company, and they obviously did not find it in you. Kudos.

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  4. We should be empowering each other not bringing each other down! You shouldn’t have to justify yourself to people. We all gotta learn some way. I hope you don’t receive any more negativity. 🧡

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  5. Yes, we all love a bit drama — but this person is just plain foolish. It’s not even her site she’s complaining about — what’s with her attitude. I might have said this before Pooja, people are probably jealous of your blog and the amount of followers you have. This person would do well to spend more time on this own site, rather than checking yours out for fault,

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    1. Hi mentalhealthfromtheotherside, PoojaG did not post our entire conversation. The blog from which she copied her content from belongs to a dear friend of mine. I don’t care about PoojaG’s follower count and I’m not a blogger myself so being jealous makes no sense. I just wanted to call her PoojaG out on her hypocrisy that no matter who plagiarizes, it is wrong. Thank you.


  6. Hi PoojaG., this is Anon. I’m sorry if my last line sounded like blackmail, that was not my intention. I just thought that your sponsors could see my comment and make their judgement off of our interactions. I don’t know or care who sponsors you. You have also only chosen a small part of our conversation to display and that appears to make me look bad. I am not convinced from your screenshot that you were given explicit permission from this individual to use their About Me page because it feels coerced. You asked for her blog link, told her you’ll copy it (didn’t ask permission) and then showed her the copied version (still without permission). How do you think she could tell her best friend to stop copying her without hurting your feelings? But you have at least, in this post, acknowledged her so THANK YOU! I’m sorry it had to be this way and you won’t hear from me like this again,


  7. People will always look for drama, don’t let them work you up. As you know, I do a lot of work with Penny Berry and she has been a great friend to me, she’s inspired some if my formatting, but I have never copied her and I’ve always been honest if I’m going to pinch an idea. People often stir drama because they are jealous, that’s not about you, it’s about them. Just keep doing what you do and don’t let the devils (I’m being polite!) grind you down 🙂

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  8. Right now I believe there is so much negativity going on that, people are dishing it our where it doesn’t belong. I’ve been blames for being totally negative about everything that I was rubbing off on others. But the other person wasn’t seeing the negative that they had was rubbing off on others. I decided I’d work on me, and the let them be. No time of Drama, you are an awesome blogger keep it up.


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