Quotes About Mental Health #3

As you guys know, mental health is a very important part of this blog and sharing posts about it and trying to reduce the stigma around it is something that is personally very important to me. I feel as though if we are more open about our mental health problems and our experiences there would be a lot let stigma and misinformation. Therefore, since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month I decided to dedicate one week to writing posts about mental health starting today. So this weeks posts (except the awards posts) will be about mental health, psychology, anxiety and other related topics.
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90 thoughts on “Quotes About Mental Health #3

  1. Nice post. I read somewhere that everyone is on a mental health spectrum, so essentially struggling with mental health is something that we all – at least at some point in our lives – will struggle with. Keeping it positive (‘more sunshine’) and open to sharing is definitely the key to breaking down the ‘them and us’ stigma. Thanks again.

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  2. I really liked what Glenn Close said. For me, as I do have mental health problems, it is about being open. Not everyone wants to hear, but until it is said out loud enough no one is going to see the truth around it. And it is about me not being too hard on myself. And then my coping is really connected to two things: What I learn in groups and individual therapy and what I learn from the Bible.

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  3. I love these quotes!! I never actually new it was Mental Health Month, thanks for informing me!! 😁 My favourite was if you take care of your health you take care of the world! It really inspires you to always look after yourself! 💗 What’s your favourite??

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    1. That one is my favorite here, too 🙂 Like how it has gotten easier to do things in a bit more environmentally friendly way after finding a therapist who understands me in general. I’m glad to see so many of us having these kinds of conversations, I think they’ll spread out all kinds of health for the world!

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  4. Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.

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