How To Increase Your Following

Increasing Your Following

Although a lot of people blog as a hobby or just as a way to practice writing/put out their work a lot of people also want to grow their following and and many eventually want to transition into full-time blogging. Whether you just want to have a larger audience, earn an income from blogging or market other services of products you offer like books it is quite beneficial to have a large number of followers. Of course, it is not necessary in any way to have more followers because the most important part of blogging should be being able to put out your posts and interact with other people. However, if you are looking to increase your following and grow your blog the quick and simple ways listed below will help you do just that:

Be Active

If you want to grow your blog one of the most important things is to be active. Firstly, you need to figure out your optimum time so that you can schedule your post accordingly to get the optimum number of views and follows. If you’re not sure what your optimum time to post is and want to learn how to find it in order to grow your blog click here. Once you have have figured out your optimum time make sure to actively and consistently post on a regular basis. People generally prefer to follow blogs that they know will publish posts consistently because it makes it easier for them.If you post at random timings people may not have time to read some of your posts and may eventually stop reading your blog altogether as they are not sure whether or not you are still posting and when you will post. Just being regular with posts makes a huge difference in both traffic and following- not only will you gain more traffic and followers but you will gain loyal traffic and followers which is very important. After you start posting regularly you need to start being active on other blogs. WordPress is a two way street and you can not expect people to support your blog if you do not support theirs so make sure to support other blogs by regularly leaving likes and comments and even sharing posts you find particularly interesting. 

Explore Other Blogs

In a world with literally thousands of blogs it is rare that someone will randomly stumble across your blog and like it enough to follow you. You need to be the one to reach out to other blogs and make sure people are very aware of your blog. It’s great to support blogs that support you but don’t forget to explore outside your reader and find blogs that don’t follow you. This will help bring awareness to your blog and is a great way to grow your following. I would recommend finding 5 posts you like by 5 bloggers that don’t follow your blog and leaving a comment on their post every day if you have the time to do so. Just to be very clear please leave a genuine comment about their post not a spam comment trying to force them to follow you. Spam comments will do much more harm to your blog and image than good.  

Market Yourself

Marketing yourself is a huge part of growing your blog. I know it may sound weird but you need to be your biggest cheerleader when it comes to growing your blog. Market yourself on social media and WordPress as much as possible in order to bring awareness to your blog and your posts. It’s a great way to increase traffic and increased traffic will consequently mean an increased following. There are a number of ways to market yourself. You can market you blog on your social media pages. You can participate in awards/challenges/tags. You can write guest posts for larger blogs. You can find blogs that offer share and promote pages and leave your link there. For more details on how to market your blog click here. 

Put Out High Quality Posts

At the end of the day the most important part of blogging is your posts. That’s what makes people visit your blog and that is what will make people decide whether or not to follow your blog. If you write posts that you are passionate about, write on topics you are personally interested in and make sure to keep it real with your readers they will appreciate your content and want to follow your blog for other similar content. If you are a multi-niche blog I would recommend taking a survey every few months and asking your readers what they want to see on your blog so that you can see what topics/posts are most popular among your readers. This helps you keep in touch with what your audience wants and your audience feels heard. This will decrease your unfollows and increase your followers. The quality of your posts are very important too- truth be told no one wants to read a low quality post when there are thousands of high quality ones on the Internet. Typos and grammatical errors are quite common and having one or two once in a while is completely okay but having a large number of typos and grammatical errors on every single post- this can happen if you are writing in a language that is not your first language, have a problem with grammar/typos in general, write quickly without paying full attention to the post, etc- can make it very difficult and distracting for the reader. I would highly recommend editing your posts if you are prone to such errors and if need be use services like Grammarly that will help you find errors. However, the problem with services like that is that it may not always be accurate and may leave out some actual errors while pointing out errors that aren’t there. If you are having this problem reach out to people who help edit posts manually- lifesfinewhine does offer this. I would also recommend using free services that are available such as spellcheck. 

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Are you trying to increase your following or audience? Do you struggle with increasing your followers/audience? What are some of the ways you use to increase followers? Do you use any of the methods I mentioned? If so have these methods helped you increase your following? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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184 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Following

  1. These are all great tips. One thing I have noticed though is that high quality posts don’t matter as much. People prefer interesting content over quality

    1. Thanks! I agree interesting content is important but I personally don’t think people will read your content if the grammar is completely off and your post has multiple typos. I have seen some posts that are barely coherent and was not able to finish reading them even though I initially found them interesting.

  2. Nice post…. I like reading other blogs…. Some posts makes me happy, inspires me…. So it is a nice feeling…. I like making new good friends…. I don’t know whether I am stupid to trust people but I am like that…. I love all my good friends from my heart…. For me, my blog is an exciting world of happiness…. Something that heals the broken heart…. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks! No you’re not stupid- it’s good to keep your heart open and not see everyone as a threat. I love meeting new people online and making new friends as well.

  3. Hi Pooja, I do agree that one should try and post frequently. Especially as a lot of people follow and read multiple blogs, if you don’t post for a while then there is a risk that people forget about your blog. I also agree that high quality posts are so important!

  4. Very helpful post! I agree that it is very important to make sure that they’re aren’t grammatical errors and typos in your posts. Avoiding these little mistakes goes a long way with showing readers that you put effort into your writing!

  5. This is really great advice! I never really thought about blogging as a time sensitive thing! Will be sure to check out your related article on posting times. Thanks!

  6. Great tips and beautiful post. Thank you for reading “Outlander”. Excellent book by the way. I can certainly recommend it to you. Take care. Bob

  7. As a new comer to blogging world this is really insightful. Looking forward to use the tricks and get some followere 🙃.
    Thanks for the post. @poojaG

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