Her- A Short Story

I usually write blogging advice but as you probably know if you read yesterdays post I accidentally burnt my fingers and hand while cooking so I can’t type a lot right now and my blogging advice posts are quite detailed so they tend to be much longer. So, instead of writing a blogging advice post I decided to do something that I have wanted to do for a while now which is write a short story. I will save the blogging advice post for later on in the week when my hand/fingers are a bit more healed. I really hope you enjoy this post and if you do enjoy it please let me know in the comments below. It’s been a while since I’ve written a short story so I am very nervous about sharing this but I hope you enjoy it. I was inspired by Shweta Suresh who always writes really amazing short stories on her blog!

I quietly lie in the closet waiting for her to come home. I still remember the first time I saw her at the bookstore. She walked in with her friends, the biggest smile on her face. Her eyes eagerly moved from title to title as she looked at the books one after another. Her friends seemed bored but she just grew more excited with every summary she read. Her eyes were filled with longing as she assured her friends she would only be a few more minutes. She kept looking and I kept staring at her in awe of her beauty. She hadn’t noticed me yet- I mean why would she notice me? No one ever noticed little old me in the corner. But then something happened. Something that changed my life forever- she actually looked at me. “Well, hello there,” she whispered with a grin on her face.

Since that day I have been waiting in her closet. Waiting for her as she leaves and drinking in her beauty whenever she comes home. Sometimes she brings friends over which I always find annoying. They don’t know her like I do. They don’t love her like I do. Sometimes she brings new friends over which is even worse. They spend a couple of days together, sometimes a couple of weeks but it never lasts longer than that. They can never appreciate her like I do, they never seem to see her true value.

I can hear her opening the door, she’s talking to someone on the phone. No she’s yelling at someone on the phone… “I never want to see you again, it’s over between us, ” she yells into her phone. Goodbye Jonathan who likes sports, energy drinks and something called monster trucks. She sobs for a while on her bed and goes for a shower. She comes back in her towel and I can see her approaching the closet. She’s coming towards me, I can see her long hair dripping with water, I can smell the scent of her shampoo. I can’t take it anymore. I want her to find me, I want her to notice me, I want  to hold me instead of those worthless fools she calls boyfriends. The closer she gets the more frightened I get and yet I feel excited at the same time. She open the doors and looks directly at me.

“There you are,” she sighs looking down at me. “Time to finally read this book I guess,” she mutters to herself. And now I am content because everyone knows that people come and go but book? Books are forever.

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180 thoughts on “Her- A Short Story

  1. Sneaky twist there, I like it! Only figured it out about halfway through. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed the story. 😊

  2. I was sure there was a cat in the closet, but I guess that would be weird haha. Anyway, I love that she finally gives the book a shot.

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