Hi- Lets Chat!

So my laptop decided to take hours to update (it’s super old- I’ve had it for like 8 years) and since I don’t like writing/editing posts on my phone I decided I don’t want to post something specific today.

Instead I thought I would take some time to catch up with you guys! Let me know your answers to the questions below in the comments and you don’t have to answer all the questions you can answer the ones you like or just say hi!

  1. How are you doing?
  2. What is your favourite hobby at the moment?
  3. Coffee or hot chocolate?
  4. Are you a people person?
  5. What’s your favourite TV show?

The last time I did a Q&A someone suggested I answer the questions as well and I thought that was a good idea so I’ll give you guys my answers below:

  1. I’m okay- a little sleepy…
  2. I am really into drawing and painting right now. 
  3. Hot chocolate because I can’t drink caffeine anymore because of my anxiety. But I do prefer coffee. 
  4. Sometimes depending on my mood. 
  5. At the moment it’s The Simpsons

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208 thoughts on “Hi- Lets Chat!

  1. 1. I am Okay
    2. Editing Animated Pictures of Black Women
    3. Definitely very strong coffee
    4. Not really
    5. Grey’s Anatomy ( Shonda Rhimes is my idol)

    1. 1. I’m not great, but I’ve been worse 😉
      2. I like to read
      3. Hot chocolate every time! Coffee is gross 😝
      4. Yes and no… I’m a good listener, but I’m not so great at parties and stuff. And I do enjoy being alone.
      5. I’m watching the X Files a lot recently.

  2. 1. I’m okay, kind of tired.
    2. Filming & Editing video and audio productions (writing them as well).
    3. Definitely hot chocolate
    4. Sometimes, it depends on the time of day.
    5. All American

  3. 1. I have really bad fatigue these days which could be a combination of poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, or both. My adrenals are sluggish so I’m gonna blame that. Gotta blame something, right?
    2. Writing blog posts is my current hobby but no energy for that right now…
    3. Definitely coffee. Preferably iced coffee from MCDs with cream and no sugar.
    4. I’m an extroverted introvert. Extremely introverted but I’m talkative around people. I’m just not good at maintaining friendships and spend most of my time alone.
    4. I don’t watch TV but will occasionally watch Big Bang Theory reruns if I’m too drained to do anything else. That show never gets old.

    1. Thanks for answering the questions! I hope you feel better and more energetic soon. I love Big Bang Theory too- I watch reruns of it in the background sometimes while I’m doing other stuff.

      1. I actually feel way worse today. I may have broken or sprained my ankle. I think I sprained it but I’m in a ton of pain and can’t walk. I’m gonna be on bed rest for a while. Hopefully I don’t have to forfeit the school semester….

        1. Oh no I’m so sorry to hear that. Did you fall down or something? Yeah just rest a lot and make sure you don’t put any pressure on it. Hopefully you’ll be fine by the time university starts.

          1. I was on an incline; slipped and landed funny. The way my ankle landed was unnatural. I don’t think it’s broken (seems like a bad sprain) and the swelling has gone down a bit since yesterday. I’m happy to be at home, resting than to be stranded on a beach with no cell phone reception. I don’t have to go in until September 1 so hopefully that gives me enough time to recover.

              1. I’m hobbling around on crutches today and I’m able to walk on both feet. I can move between the living room and bedroom so making some progress. Any type of movement really hurts so I have to take multiple rest breaks. I’m using the RICE approach to healing this foot. It’s surprising I actually remembered something from school.
                Rest • ice • compression • elevation

  4. 1) Great!
    2) Photography
    3) Coffee!
    4) To a point…
    5) Anything Star Trek or Science Fiction
    Try a MacBook, you’ll be much happier. 😎

      1. I understand, Pooja, these machines are not cheap yet I seriously believe that after years of being a Mac user, you will indeed get what you pay for in this instance.

    1. Lol thanks for answering the questions! I love The Office- I think I’ve watched it so many time now I know most of the lines lol!

  5. How are you doing?
    Managing project overseas
    What is your favourite hobby at the moment?
    Playing WW2 computer games
    Coffee or hot chocolate?
    Definitely coffee, any time, any day
    Are you a people person?
    Not really but once I has known the other person, yes
    What’s your favourite TV show?
    Star Trek The Next Generations, The Big Bang Theory and Band of Brothers

  6. Hi!
    1. I’m okay, a bit sleepy too but I’m trying to catch up with posts I’ve missed out on on WordPress.
    2. Taking and editing photos, journaling, reading books and writing on wordpress.
    3. It’s rained yesterday and it’s currently drizzling so I think a hot cup of chocolate is suitable for the weather. I haven’t had coffee in a month now but I love it.
    4. Hehe, do my friends and family count?
    5. Space Force and Euphoria.

    1. Hi! Thanks for answering the questions. I hope you got some rest and were able to catch up! I really like Euphoria and I want to start watching Space Force.

  7. How are you doing? Looking forward to the weekend.
    What is your favourite hobby at the moment? Reading, maybe?
    Coffee or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate. Hot cocoa tastes sweet; coffee is too bitter for my taste.
    Are you a people person? Depends on when you ask.
    What’s your favourite TV show? Impractical Jokers. Don’t know if you get it in Canada, though.

  8. Tired.
    Reading, but home improvements are a close second, along with cooking! (I couldn’t pick just one!!!)
    Hot chocolate all the way!
    Usually I’m a people person, but sometimes I just want to curl up with a good book and be left alone!
    Hmmm…I’d have to say “United We Fall.” It’s just so funny! I also am addicted to “Bob’s Burgers” who I was introduced to by my oldest. I was resistant at first, but have since seen the light!!!

      1. It hasn’t been out that long, maybe six weeks. It’s a Summer show. I’m hoping it gets picked up for the Fall! Good stuff!

  9. I am okay now after having had two naps today.
    Coffee anytime and also hot chocolate in the winter.
    I am a people person when other people are around, but sometimes I stay home and like being alone.
    Amazing Race because I like to see where they go in the world.

  10. 1. Just exhausted with this lockdown. Too anxious. 😓
    2. Reading & Baking
    3. Both – love coffee & hot chocolate.
    4. I’m an introvert – I love my me time away from people.
    5. Can’t pick one – The Office/Gilmore Girls/The Middle/Dead To Me

  11. Hehe, no worries. My laptop has the same issue, but it insists on updating itself at the wrong time! 😅
    Ok, here are my answers:
    1. I’m doing great; however, I feel like I’m stuck in some sort of alternate universe without holidays because I’m studying so much….😂😂
    2. Blogging, doodling, binge watching Netflix, playing with my dog, or chatting with old friends
    3. Both. However, I’d take hot chocolate if it has extra whipped cream/marshmallows
    4. I’m mostly an animal person; but technically I’m an ambivert
    5. Haikyuu (sports anime), Assassination Classroom(high school based anime),Lucifer and Umbrella Academy

    1. Lol mine auto-updates too- it’s so annoying!
      Thanks for answering and those animes sound really good. I love Lucifer too but I haven’t seen the latest season yet.

  12. Hi, here are my responses:-
    1. I’m absolutely fine.
    2. Cycling, cooking and blogging.
    3. Strong, black coffee everytime.
    4. Only when I feel like it.
    5. Not been watching much television during lockdown but am now delighted to be able to watch MotoGP and cycle races.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. 1. Ecstatic. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m in love.
    2. Stitching portraits I’ve drawn into old T-shirts. And the fig plant.
    3. Neither, but if forced at gunpoint it’s hot chocolate.
    4. I like to think so. Others might think not.
    5. Big Bang Theory. Bazinga!

  14. 1. Anxious, irritable, sleep deprived
    2. Writing
    3. Both… quite literally together. I don’t like either alone, but together with a dash of cinnamon and it’s a go!
    4. Yes I am but it drains me… I work in sales so I’ve gotten good at pretending to enjoy it
    5. Queen of the South

  15. doin’ okay
    blogging and trading the stock market – NOT day-trading – swing
    me too, hot chocolate – don’t drink coffee at all – tea
    yeah, I’m a people-person
    “The Blacklist”

  16. 1. Quite OK, stressed but ok
    2. Designing of graphics, trying my hand at different things
    3. Hot chocolate
    4. Not really. Kind of in the middle. It really depends on my mood too
    5. Just started a series called For life and I’m loving it

  17. 1. Am great, but working on a Saturday is not fun at all.
    2. Not sure, watching soccer maybe, and playing games online oh yes reading blogs
    3. I love coffee but i have minimised and switched to TEA.
    4.Personally yes, but people think am not because am too blunt i don’t sugar-coat my opinions
    5.none, but i enjoy documentaries.

  18. Hi!! 🙋🏻
    1. All well
    2. Baking for this moment right now😄
    3. Coffee&⛈️= perfect eve
    4. Yes but Sometimes 🤗It all depends on mood…
    5. 😃Not my kind of?

  19. Hi Pooja.
    1. I’m okay. It’s been quite a week but I’m so happy it’s there weekend now.
    2. No new hobbies but I’ve been taking a lot of online classes these days. They keep me busy. I’ve also been discovering a lot of bloggers and consuming all the great content I can find.
    3. Coffee but reallyyy sweet. 😄
    4. Nah
    5. Insecure. Love it!

  20. 1. I’m doing good but kind of fed up with life atm
    2. Calligraphy
    3. Hot chocolate
    4. Yeah
    5. Friends or Big Bang theory – both are my go to, binge worthy shows

  21. Hey!
    1. I am a bit tired, since I got 5h of sleep last night but I did 4 pomodoros of study this morning so I am also satisfied? 😅
    2. Reading, though I really miss Street photography because of the quarantine
    3. I like both but I prefer coffee.
    4. Depends on my mood and the person I am talking too😅 however, I am trying to step out of my introverted shell
    5. I don’t watch TV shows that much but my all time favourites are Friends and big bang theory. I love me some good sitcom.

  22. Hi!
    1. I’m doing okay.
    3. Coffee. Hate chocolate, it’s too sweet. But I’m more of a cuppa hot tea person.
    4. I think I am. Sometimes I’m not though!
    5. American Housewife, I love comedies.

  23. 1. I’m fine.
    2. My latest addiction is PUBG. I recently start playing it. Though I am not a pro, but I like it.
    3. Coffee
    4. No, not at all people person
    5. If I have to choose one, then it is surely Breaking Bad

  24. How I am doing?
    Holding up quite well, thanks. Still a bit moody off late. I’ve learnt to embrace it rather than deny my feelings.
    What is my favourite hobby at the moment?
    Listening to Baroque music and writing fiction.
    Coffee or hot chocolate?
    I really don’t have a preference in this but with this cold I think a big mug of hot chocolate sounds good.
    Are you a people person?
    I try to be but I really prefer my own personal space.
    What’s your favourite TV show?
    I really love film. Right now I’m not watching anything but I really loved Supernatural.

  25. Hi!!
    1. I’m doing well
    2. My favourite hobby right now is blogging and making YouTube videos
    3. Definitely hot chocolate!
    4. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I am; sometimes I’m not
    5. I don’t think I have one. I’m not really a TV person

  26. 1. I’m doing good thanks, it’s been a very busy week so I’m just glad it’s over really!
    2. Blogging, photography, binge-watching Netflix shows and football.
    3. I don’t really drink hot drinks, but if I were to pick it’d probably be hot chocolate. You just can’t go wrong with chocolate!
    4. It depends how I’m feeling on the day.
    5. At the moment I’d say Gilmore Girls.

  27. 1. I am reading and studying. I am very happy!
    2. My favorite hobby is exercising. It’s my “me time.”
    3. I have my coffee every morning when I wake up. I’ll make it the night before so it’s ready.
    4. I do think of myself as a people person.
    5. I don’t have a favorite. My husband and I like watching American Pickets. I like to watch Hallmark once in a while. Who doesn’t like a good romance?

  28. 1. I feel good
    2. Reading, creating and eating
    3. Neither
    4. From time to time
    5. Lincoln Rhyme and Survivor (no spoilers please)

  29. 1. I’m feeling sad about social distancing because I’m probably not going back to school this year and I hate working at home, but I’m also excited for school to start so I have an excuse to get Dunkin for the first time since March
    2. Favorite hobby right now: blogging or reading. Or piano. I can’t really choose
    3. Coffee, unless it’s past noon, but then I’d have decaf
    4. I am definitely not a people person
    5. I don’t watch any shows lol

    1. Thanks for answering the questions! Yeah social distancing is hard- I’m sad that I may not be able to finish my last year of university properly too.

  30. 1. I am doing well
    2. Writing poetry
    3. Coffee
    4. Most of the time
    5. I don’t have a favorite but I like to watch flashbacks of concerts from back in the day.
    🧡 💛 💚

    1. Thanks for answering the questions! That sounds fun- I’ve never really been to any concerts but I had planned to go this summer which did not really work out well.

      1. That’s unfortunate and I hope you will get to go soon. Going to a concert is a fabulous experience and watching a concert on TV or YouTube is the next best thing.

  31. How are you doing?
    I’m really good thanks Pooja!
    What is your favourite hobby at the moment?
    I started Digital Illustration in lockdown and I’ve been loving it!!
    Coffee or hot chocolate?
    Hot Chocolate all the way!!
    Are you a people person?
    Yes! I actually named my blog Zainab Chats as I get called a chatterbox quite frequently!!
    What’s your favourite TV show?
    Hmm definitely Once Upon A Time!

  32. Getting 42 comments and 150 likes (at time of writing) to a post with the heading, hi. That is pure power. You really have built something every special and should be proud and happy with yourself.
    1.How are you doing? Im happy, reading a book by Jeremy Rifkin, and the future is a lot brighter than we think.
    2.What is your favourite hobby at the moment? Running.
    3.Coffee or hot chocolate? Coffee
    4.Are you a people person? Thats a funny one to answer, as, one to one I can connect with anyone but in groups I’m not that good..lol
    5.What’s your favourite TV show? Family Guy when I need a laugh.

  33. How are you doing? Alright, but after recently retiring, I’m dealing with a loss of meaning
    What is your favourite hobby at the moment? I’m into building my family tree in Ancestry right now. Usually mostly enjoy reading and listening to books.
    Coffee or hot chocolate? Neither, both have caffiene and the doctor told me to stay away from it because I get up too often at night.
    Are you a people person? Absolutely. I’m an enneagram ‘9’ which means connection is what I am about. You can imagine how challenging it is for me without a job and in a pandemic lockdown.
    What’s your favourite TV show? West Wing but I haven’t watched it for years. Most recently I’ve been watching Time Team and other productions involving Sir Tony Robinson as host. Great for British history.

    1. Thanks for answering the questions. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling that way but I hope you feel better soon and are able to find new meaning. That show sounds good- I’m a history major so I love all things history.

  34. (Really cool post :))
    1. A bit stressed, but I’m okay. Whatever I’m feeling I know is momentary, and shall pass away.
    2. So, I have found this new love for sewing. I’m trying to stitch a box pleated skirt for myself using some old fabrics, if and when I succeed, I’ll definitely post about it. Very excited.
    3. Coffee any day
    4. I’m can be really friendly, but at the same time I’m very homely. So, going out, hanging around in groups or parties are not really my thing, not anymore.
    5. At this moment, I’m binge watching How To Get Away with Murder.

    1. Thank you- it’s always fun to socialise with other bloggers! I used to be obsessed with HTGAWM but I kind of got over it after a few seasons.

  35. Hi Pooja, 😊 My laptop too and I lovee it.
    1. I have been busy with all the festive season around. Trying not to miss the fun, getting things done at home. Tired as of now.
    2. Am not finding time for my blog much, trying my best. Cooking is what I have been busy with these days. It gets tiresome managing everything sometimes.😪
    3. Hot Chocolate
    4. It depends on the group.
    5. Not much TV, but series and youtube whenever I get time.

    1. Haha we get so attached to old laptops lol! I have been doing a lot more cooking these days too but luckily it’s usually just for one or two so it’s not too bad.

  36. 2. Definitely reading and writing
    3. I’m with you, I stopped drinking coffee because of my anxiety and I love hot chocolate. Although I didn’t drink coffee everyday anyways

  37. 1. Cooped up indoors and feeling a lil bummed
    2. Turning to writing for self-therapy
    3. Coffee invigorates like none other
    4. Yes I love to be around a lot of people, provided no one irritates me😁

  38. 1. How are you doing? Great, despite the prevalence of Covid-19,
    2. What is your favourite hobby at the moment? Writing.
    3. Coffee or hot chocolate? Coffee, as I rarely if ever drink hot chocolate.
    4. Are you a people person? I’m a people person and miss my friends in NYC.
    5. What’s your favourite TV show? I’ve been watching “Shameless” on Netflix. Interesting characters!

  39. Such a good way to connect with us!
    How are you doing? A little bit stressed!
    What is your favourite hobby at the moment? Cooking, writing, yoga
    Coffee or hot chocolate?Coffee, always!
    Are you a people person?Yes, definitely!
    What’s your favourite TV show?I love a tv show called “would I lie to you”

  40. HI Pooja!
    I’m good, anxious about starting classes next week.
    Writing is my favorite pastime.
    Coffee! Always and forever…
    I can be but also need time alone.
    Favorite show – Ozarks!
    Hoping your laptop has a revival! C

  41. 1. How are you doing?
    Great! I hope you are too, aside from your laptop hiccupping.
    2. What is your favourite hobby at the moment?
    Playing Scrabble
    3. Coffee or hot chocolate?
    Hot Choco
    4. Are you a people person?
    I believe I am, but I also love my solitudes 😊
    5. What’s your favourite TV show?
    Haves and Haves Not by Tyler Perry. Can’t wait to have it back next week. Check it out on OWN on Tuesdays at 8:00 P.M. (local times may vary). Also available on Hulu.
    I hope you get your laptop back working soon.
    Thanks for the interlude.

  42. How are you doing?
    Frankly, having a lot of issues but somehow managing to move on with life. I don’t know how.
    What is your favourite hobby at the moment?
    Can it be other than writing… Nope, it’s writing.
    Coffee or hot chocolate?
    Coffee.. Love it.. Although haven’t tried hot chocolate.. should I?
    Are you a people person?
    Oh man. Everyone loves me. I literally haven’t found a single person hate me except for my younger brother ofcourse 😀 lolz it’s a war.
    What’s your favourite TV show?
    I can’t decide that like that. Well for last week, it’s killing eve, God of highschool (ANIME) and Sword Art Online, Alicization S2 (anime) but really, you cannot decide whats ur fav because everything is just tooooooo awesome.

    1. Thanks for answering the questions! Hope you feel better soon. I started watching Killing Eve a few days back and it’s good so far!

  43. 1. I’m feeling fairly positive. A little tired though.
    2. Reading – mostly others’ blogs & science/health articles. And I enjoy cooking.
    3. Hmmm. I love both. Hot chocolate is more occasional due to calories/sugar. So coffee it is, but not after 2pm.
    4. It depends. I love socialising, but then I need ‘time out’ to recharge from social interactions.
    5. I don’t tend to follow any TV shows these days. As a teen (in the 90’s), I absolutely loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Thanks for asking Pooja 🙂

  44. 1. I am fine… Thank you 🙂
    2. I want to sleep now… hahaha 😀
    3. Just finish a cup of TEA… 🙂
    4. Don’t think so.
    5. I don’t watch TV… 🙂
    Spirituality Awakening

  45. 1. great, feeling studious
    2.reading, writing. I have a lot of hobbies at the moment
    3.anything made with love
    4. I love socialising, I love meeting new people. you can call it my hobby
    5. Indian movies or maybe a meaningful show no preferences.

  46. dang ive had a laptop for 2 years and it was awesome i cant imagine having one for 8 years without giving me a headache. the one i have now is already sounding loud but thats my fault for not using the fan i bought for it lol
    my fav hobby rn is gaming!

    1. Ooh gaming sounds fun!
      Lol yes having an 8 year old laptop is no fun especially when I have to do everything online now even for university!

  47. 1. I am at an amazing stage in my life, where wisdom of age meets energy of creating. Finishing my first book, Evolution Through Art, oddly it is helping me be more organized and communicate better in my speech.
    2. I love to cook, had homemade tacos today with homemade fresh tomato hot sauce and carnitas, pork braised for 3 hours with cinnamon, oregano, clove, orange juice and zest. And i love making good coffee definitely a daily hobby.
    3. Answered above. ❤️
    4. Rarely with them but love them when i am.
    5. Binging (sp) on Star Trek Voyager right now. Seven of Nine is perfectly cast and perfectly droll, with her insane sci-fi Borg body.

  48. How long do you write every day? How long does your average blog post take? I imagine it varies as some of them seem like they require a lot more research than others. I shoot for 30 minutes right now just because I let myself get out of practice but ideally I’ll be doing for a lot longer in the future. I also have to write a lot for school and don’t factor that into my “writing” time because it’s not something I enjoy even though I’m still doing a lot of research for it and probably thinking even harder than for my usual writing.

    1. I usually write for about an hour every day but sometimes it takes less or more time depending on the post. Yeah as a history major I end up writing a lot but like you I don’t always find it fun lol!

      1. Oh, cool. I knew you studied history but I didn’t know that was your major! I’m a big history nerd but I don’t study it in college so I’m sure my knowledge is fairly limited (and even outright incorrect in many cases).

  49. 1.Pretty alright
    2. Playing Stardew valley
    3. Whipped coffee
    4. I used to be. I get peopled out much more quickly.
    5. Die hard Criminal Minds fan. RIP

  50. 1. Missing the family I can’t see
    2. Reading and writing
    3. Almond latte
    4. Love people but lately some behaviours are altering perceptions
    5. NCIS and soaps
    Great post

  51. Hmm
    1. I could be better & hoping I will be soon
    2. Photography
    3. Ice coffee all year round, butttt love hot chocolate once it gets cold!
    4. I can be but just depends on my mood / my environment lol
    5. Avatar! 💜 Just rewatched the first series & now I’m on to Legend of Korra!

  52. Hey! I am doing good. Relaxing in the couch at the moment.
    I already forgot the second question 🤦🏾‍♀️
    I love hot chocolate in the winter with a ton of marshmallows.
    I am definitely an introverted extrovert. Ha!
    I currently just finished The Game. I might watch a baking show next!

    1. Lol I have the worst memory so I so understand! Ooh hot chocolate with marshmallows is my go-to winter drink! I’ve been watching The Great Canadian Baking Show and it’s so good!

  53. What a fun post! Here are my answers!
    How are you doing?
    Definitely feel you on the sleepiness! It’s a gloomy day outside and all I want to do is curl up on the couch and take a nap but I got loads to do.
    What is your favourite hobby at the moment?
    I am loving writing for my blog at the moment. I’ve been on a blog kick for the past couple of months.
    Coffee or hot chocolate?
    Coffee!! It’s not always caffeinated though 😉
    Are you a people person?
    Not really. I would say I’m more an animal person. I’m an introvert so getting to know people isn’t my forte.
    What’s your favourite TV show?
    Gilmore Girls. It is the one show I can rewatch over and over again.

    1. Thank you so much for answering! Lol we all need a nap right now haha. I love Gilmore Girls as well- I was obsessed with it as a teenager!

  54. Hi Pooja!
    Well my favourite TV show… I have a lot so choosing one is a struggle. Pooja whyyyy??😭
    My top five remains
    1. Person of interest
    2. Blacklist
    3. The originals
    4. Prison break
    5. Vikings
    I recently finished watching DARK and it was mind blowing as well. I’m currently obsessed with tv shows that are not English (subtitles got me😉)

  55. Hey Pooja! How are you?
    I am doing extremely fine.
    My favourite hobby at the moment is blogging. It’s like I am obsessed with it.
    A hot chocolate for sure.
    I am a people person.
    My favourite show is F.R.I.E.N.D.S
    Happy to read your answers too.
    Anyways stay safe and tc. 😊😀

  56. 1. I’m doing good!
    2. I like decorative planning.. basically using pretty stickers to decorate my planner!
    3. I like coffee but hot chocolate in the cold months.
    4. Not too much of a people person, but I can be.
    5. I love Monk!

      1. Ahhh yessss!! Same here! I recently discovered amazon prime video and all 8 seasons of Monk are included!! Needless to say I have already binged watched it!

  57. The responses to your questions have been interesting and fun to read.
    Reading and writing.
    Right now my favorite hobby is going to be making elephants for 2 great granddaughters.
    Coffee. I have always loved coffee.
    People person in most instances.
    Don’t care much for too much on TV. Do watch Netflix and Prime.

  58. 1) I’m great in spirit but sore in body.
    2) My favourite hobby is reading . So many good books. I’m currently reading The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi
    3) I have learned to like coffee ( as long as it’s very ‘doctored’ up with sweetener and cream)
    4)Love people
    5) Just started Big Little Lies. It starts off with a bang!

    1. Thank you so much for answering the questions! Hope you feel better soon. Big Little Lies it so good- I watched it a while back and it’s just absolutely amazing.

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