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  1. I wish you all the best in your studies, Pooja. Blogging is an Avocation. Our “real” lives must always come first. Be well and safe! 😊

  2. Wish you all the best for your final year, I’m sure you’ll be great at it and excel in everything you set your sights on. Don’t forget to enjoy this year and make lots of memories.

  3. Those peoples who send you DM or Email, Exactly they don’t need blogging tips, they just want to talk to you… LOL 😀 😀
    Spirituality Awakening

  4. Have a great final year Pooja. I wish you good luck and success!❤️
    Also, your blog may have unfollowed mine, since it totally has a mind of its own sometimes 😂

    1. Thank you so much! Urghh I am so sorry my blog likes to piss me off sometimes lol. I just followed you though let me know if it worked or if I’m still not following you!

  5. Wishing u good tidings with your final year at the University. Taking a break will make u concentrate more in your studies. It’s cool.
    One can’t do two things together without one affecting the one. Good decision.

  6. We understand you, Pooja.
    Final year can be a lot of stress and it requires a lot of time and focus to really achieve satisfactory or excellent grades. Godspeed in your academics 🙏❤. Will miss your consistency though
    I’m also going to resume school soon, fourth year. Not my final though ’cause pharm d is six years

  7. First of all I want to say, congrats on reaching 18k followers. Such an achievement and I cant think of anyone who deserves it more than you. Second, I just sent you a $2 tip so you can go and buy yourself a snack or a drink (you also deserve it). I can imagine having a blog of your size, there is quite abit of pressure to constantly make new content & constantly be contactable and available all the time. Which is of course not true. take some time out for yourself 🤗. I know me and all of your followers would understand if you had to change how frequently you post, what’s most important right now to you, is what’s most important to us.
    You do such a great job being a blogger in supporting us and providing us with quality content. Now its our time to be there for you and support you.
    Its always great to be kind💛

    1. Thank you so much!! That is so sweet of you and I will definitely be using it on a snack- that’s what keeps me going in uni lol!
      Thank you for all your support and I truly appreciate your kind words!

  8. Wishing you all the very best as you enter your fourth and final year at uni Pooja and of course, it’s understandable that you’re going to prioritise your studies.
    Will still be looking forward to your future posts with anticipation. Good luck Pooja and thank you for not only responding to comments on your own blog, but for leaving positive and supportive feedback on my blog too. I can always count on you 🙂

  9. Hi Pooja,
    I want to congratulate you on reaching 18,000 followers on WordPress, that is a fantastic achievement! You have done so well on this blog and will continue to do well 🙂
    I completely understand everything you have said in this post. I will be starting a full time job in 4 days time and I will be very busy in that which means that even I will be less active on wordpress! You have to put your studies and wellbeing first this year, as both of these are really important.
    I also want you to know that you have been very kind and supportive to me and you have inspired me to write more blogs and share my experiences! I will always be thankful for the guest post I shared on your blog on self-care. I hope we can support each other as we both enter a busy and important period in our lives!

    1. Thank you so much! I wish you the absolute best with your job- I know you’ll do great. Balancing WP and everything else can be difficult but like you said we have to have priorities and put out work/studies first.
      I am happy to support you and your blog and will definitely continue to do so. I also want to thank you for being so supportive of my blog as well and for being such a kind and genuine person.

  10. Good luck! You give us all so much great advice and so many great posts, I for one am super grateful and don’t want you to feel pressure or an obligation to be responding to everything immediately/posting more than you can 🙂

  11. There must be some way to set up a decent filter for spam comments. I haven’t looked into it very much so I can’t be of much help, but I’ll keep my eyes open. I just saw you have 18,000 followers and I feel like the last time I looked it was at 4,000 so I can’t even imagine how many comments you get. Lol.
    Hope you have a great last year! Are you planning on pursuing any more degrees after this?

    1. Unfortunately from what I’ve seen the only way to deal with spam is through plugins and I don’t have those since I’m not on the Business Plan. I know this blog grew so fast this year it’s crazy!
      Thank you! I am not completely sure yet to be honest. I want to see how this year is and if it’s not too difficult I may apply for Masters. How are your studies going?

      1. I wouldn’t call what I do studying, lol. My university is very, very easy and I hope that doesn’t have a negative effect on my career prospects when I graduate. Most of my professional friends have told me that most businesses care more about your experience than where you went to college so I hope that’s true!

  12. Congratulations Pooja! You’ve made it so far <3 you're going to do great! Good luck ^_^ we'll be here whenever you get the time to grace us with your awesome posts. Which I definitely love. Take care of you first 😉😘

  13. Thank you for all the hard work you have done on this blog, Pooja! I totally understand your decision to pull back a bit and I applaud you for setting priorities. I wish you all the best with your studies.

  14. That “We need to talk” line always sounds so serious though and I always get nervous whenever I hear it from someone lol. Like its associated with shocking and bad news 😅

  15. Good luck with your fourth year. I know both of mine were a lot of hard work which taught me a lot about myself.
    I really appreciate the time you take yo respond, and I don’t know how you have the time to do it! Keep on keeping on being awesome! 😁

    1. Thank you so much! I love responding because socialising is one of my favourite parts of blogging but unfortunately it may not always be possible for me to respond now.

  16. There are certain phrases that I absolutely dread because they’re always followed with bad news. It also annoys me that people would use clichéd phrases when trying to be serious! 🤦‍♂️. Like the depersonalisation just makes it worse. Feels condescending to me! Anyway, lol. Ghosts of traumas past!

    1. Yeah I feel like some phrases you just know what’s coming next so if you’re being serious don’t use them. Just say what you want to say without those phrases. Lol I definitely get it!

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