I’m Done With WordPress

If you read yesterdays post you probably know that I was having trouble with my WordPress site. I was not surprised because that happens quite often because WordPress does have quite a few bugs it needs to work on. The problem was that I was not able to like or follow other blogs/posts.
I contacted the Happiness Engineers and although they were very nice they were not able to fix the problem and I was told the team was working on it. I was busy yesterday so I just hoped for the best and moved on. Today I did a bit more research and from other peoples experience it says that apparently WP blocks you from from liking and following if you like or follow too many.
Here’s the problem with that- I have about 18.6k followers- obviously I am going to be following quite a few blogs and I get about a hundred comments a day. When someone comments on my blog I generally head over to their blog and also leave a like and comment because I really think WP is a two-way street and the best way to get people to engage with your posts is to engage on theirs. If you have ever liked or commented on one of my posts you probably noticed that I liked/commented on your as well.
Since I get about a hundred comments a day and let’s say like half of them are replies I still end up visiting like 50 blogs a day and leaving likes/comments. Because of my university starting again for the fall semester I have been forced to stick to a pretty tight schedule. I schedule out about an hour every day to like/comment on other blogs that have liked/commented on mine. I also spend like 15 minutes a day going through new followers and follow back blogs I like- usually like 5 a day.  I get about 50 followers a day so I don’t think 5 a day is that bad.
Anyway, since WP’s system sucks- they literally let actual bots and spammers through- I think I have been blocked because you can’t like more than like 15 blog posts an hour and you can’t follow more than a certain amount of blogs overall. Some people online said you can’t undo this block. If that’s the case I’m not sure if I can keep blogging anymore. My favourite part of blogging has always been interacting with other blogs and now I’m scared to even comment on other blogs in case it blocks me from commenting.
I hate how unhelpful the WP system is. It’s so frustrating. They never listen to their followers- like with what happened with the new editor- and they are EXTREMELY unhelpful when you actually need their help. They’re super nice and polite but just don’t seem to be equipped to handle literally almost any situation. They give you almost no information about what’s going on. I’m just super pissed. I feel like years of hard work just went down the drain. I’m done. I’m VERY done with WP. I am going to try and leave comments on all your blogs though even if I can’t like them. Until I get blocked that is- probably going to happen soon I’m guessing. Anyway, sorry I can’t like your blogs but just know that I will still support other blogs somehow- probably by commenting on them considering that’s literally all I can do right now.
If you don’t see any posts from me for a while or in case this is the last time we communicate I just want to wish everyone the best with their blogging and everything in their life. I hope this awful year ends and things start getting better really soon.
Edit: They have blocked me- I got an email. They seem to have mistaken how many followers I have with how many blogs I follow. When I sent them proof of this with screenshots they stopped responding- this was a few hours ago. I am beyond done with this situation. 

373 thoughts on “I’m Done With WordPress

  1. Sorry to hear. It sounds like a pretty ignorant solution (or attempt at one) to the problem of spam on their part. Kind of like building a wall to keep immigrants out… you’re only going to make life harder for the people who follow the rules. Lol. I don’t care about likes so please do keep in touch through comments (if I ever manage to post again that is lol) and if not feel free to email me any time. I believe I have a contact page on my blog and I’ll respond with my real email address afterward. 🙂 Hope you don’t leave though and I hope they can make an exception for you and restore your privileges. It should be pretty obvious you’re not a scammer. You’re one of the only bloggers I genuinely read every post by. I CAN’T LOSE YOU POOJA! haha 😉

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    1. Unfortunately, WP didn’t even acknowledge the problem was from their side and pretty much told me in a nice passive-aggressive way to leave but I will probably just self-host. You’re not getting rid of me that easily lol! I will definitely comment when you put up a post!

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  2. Pooja 🥺🥺 So sorry to hear this, I hope you don’t go, I hope you stay. 🥺 Maybe it’ll be fixed soon. Maybe you can go self-hosted if you’re not yet self-hosted. This must be frustrating; hope you’re all right. 😔💕

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  3. Yikes! That really must suck – I have been having a glitchy reader since forever not that I can even begin to compare.
    Just know we’ll stick around here and support you even if you can’t do much…


  4. I’m so heartbroken to hear this. I haven’t been very active here but I’ve been trying to keep updated on your posts and seeing this breaks my heart. It’s so sad you’ve worked so hard to get here only to get this.
    I’ve been having a few problems of my own on WordPress but not like yours. I don’t think the platform was ever like this. I wish they cared enough to do something about it. And you’re right, engaging with other bloggers is the best part about blogging and I feel it’s way easier to do so on wordpress because of their Reader’s feature. If you move to another platform, I hope it all works out❤

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, WP has a lot of glitches even in general. I think it also has a pretty crap help system which is so incredibly unhelpful and they take ages to even get back to you. I hope that I can still have the reader- apparently you can get it with a plugin so it’s not too bad.


  5. Thanks for speaking about this…
    I hope they’d resolve our issues. This WP bug totally messes up with my OCD… not to mention the new editor… I have been reading a lot of complaints about posts not being shown on the reader section… unfortunately, this is the only platform where we can follow bloggers thru their posts via the ‘reader’ section, as opposed to creating blogrolls… 😦 perhaps it’s the knowledge that they have monopolized the business that keeps them confident enough to ignore us? I mean, just saying…
    One time, my theme totally crashed. I couldn’t find it… I talked to their people and they said. they’ve retired my theme. I said without notifying us? I thought we bought the theme for lifetime access? They told me that they do not have an idea as to when it’s gonna be active again or whether it’s gonna be…
    I had to contact the author and he told me that they’d retired it indeed and I aired my side. After few days, it was returned to the themes selection.
    I find no effort from their helpdesk.

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    1. Wow I can’t believe they would retire a theme without even telling people who use it in advance. That is just awful. I’m glad it eventually came back though- I would be devastated if they randomly removed my theme.
      Luckily the hosting site I’m looking into will give me access to the Reader section and I will still be able to use it like before which I’m happy about because that was my main concern.
      They are incredibly unhelpful and if a problem does occur I feel like they find a way to blame it on you instead of admitting the platform obviously has glitches and other issues.

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      1. They do blame it on the users. I doubt if they are even qualified tech engineers or were they just brokers?
        I hope you get your thing sorted out soon! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. Oh my, I’m very sorry about the current situation and I hope this gets sorted because what the… ?! WordPress is getting more and more annoying to be honest and one time, I think they put my comments in some bloggers spam folder. Like what?! I’m very sorry. So sorry. I think you should keep writing to them. Please, don’t give up.

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  7. Interesting.
    Some restrictive measures via wordpress, of course at the same time you have to note that most of their stuff is free to use.
    Unless you may bump up their service fee, there isn’t any urgency to appeal to freeloaders.
    H8 it, report it.
    Its facts

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    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I was pretty shocked at first but now I’m mostly pissed off lol. I don’t understand how a platform this big can make such a basic algorithm mistake.

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