Getting Your Life Together In 2021

I think for a lot of us 2020 was the year so many things changed. Our lives changed in so many drastic ways and even though we hope things will go back to normal soon it may still be a while before things get back to where they were. However, that does not mean that you should let this year go to waste. I am a huge fan of new starts because it allows you to improve yourself and your life and I think as humans our goal should be to constantly try to improve ourselves so that we can be the best version of us.

One way to improve your life is by getting your finances together. As someone who has been adulting (part-time and barely but adulting nonetheless) for a few years now I thought I would share a review of a site I think would be helpful for people who are looking to be a more fiscally responsible this year.

I have mentioned on this site before how much I like online calculators because they really help me figure out my priorities, my weekly and monthly budget and more. The online calculator I wanted to talk about today is the rent or buy calculator. I know that one of the biggest issues that people in their twenties and thirties have is finding a place to stay. I also know that even though we are technically adults we are not the best at doing adult stuff and there is a lot we don’t know when it comes to renting or buying our own place. I was kind of surprised by a lot of things when I rented my first apartment because it was in a new country and I had never rented a place before. Luckily everyone was super nice and helpful but that is not always the case. It is especially difficult to make a decision when you are trying to decide whether to pick a place to rent or to buy.

Renting a place is a pretty big commitment but buying a place is an even bigger commitment and the first thing you need to think about is which would be better for you depending on your savings and income. The rent or buy calculator allows you to make all the calculations you need to make in order to see which would be the best fit for you at the moment. Not only does it help you decide which would be best for you depending on your current financial position it also lets you see what payments you would need to be making long-term which I think is pretty great because it allows you to understand exactly what you are getting into long-term too.

The site also provides a number of mortgage calculators, loan calculators and more along with the rent or buy calculator which I think is quite useful because that will allow you to continue using their calculators even after you have decided to rent or buy and you won’t be stuck after making your decision.

The calculators are extremely simple and easy to use- they have basic and advanced calculators depending on what you would like to calculate which I think is a good idea because it allows you to get an idea of what would be best for you and once you have decided you can use the advanced one to get a better idea of what your future would look like depending on your decision. Their calculators are also super user friendly which helps because I don’t have the best concentration span and sometimes it can get exhausting when sites are slow or don’t work as they should/promise to. It does not have annoying pop-up ads or any ads actually which is probably why the loading time is so impressive and the fact that it’s simple to use means that most people can use it including older people or people who are not the best with technology.

I will definitely be writing more posts about saving money in 2021 so please be on the lookout for those over the next few weeks if that’s something you would be interesting in reading about. Also like I mentioned in my last post this year is all about spreading awareness about other sites I think are helpful or that I particularly like so do check them out by clicking here or check out the rent or buy calculator by clicking here. 

Your Thoughts

What are some of the most difficult things about adulting for you? Do you have a difficult time with managing your finances? What are some tips and tricks you use for making sure you have your finances in order? Please let me know in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi because I would really love to hear from you!

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50 responses to “Getting Your Life Together In 2021”

  1. I moved out when I was 23 and my husband has a stable income. And yet, we pay rent. Why do we pay rent? Sure, we could buy a house if we wanted to but the price of paying rent is right for the time being. Also, I am not working yet. I would like to have a steady income before I consider buying a house and throwing tons of money at it. Once you’re locked into a house, you’re kinda stuck there. Sometimes it’s a real pain to sell too. Know what you’re getting yourself into before you buy a house! If you can get away with reasonable rent prices, then do that whole house hunting thing. Also, consider how long you’ll be living in a place before you plan to move again. Anything less than 5 years is not worth buying a house imo.

    We plan on buying a house in Spring 2021 and we’ll both be in our 30’s as of this year. Life is not a race… who cares if we don’t have our lives together by a certain age or societal standard. What people don’t see are the savings and down payment/bank loans we’ve been working hard on to prepare for this future house.

    1. Yeah a lot of stuff goes on behind the scenes and it’s definitely a long and difficult process to get your own house. And like you said most people only do it once so you have to make sure you find a place that you want to spend your life in. Personally, I think renting is perfect for me right now.

      Good luck with finding a house- I really hope you find exactly what you’re looking for!

  2. I’ve been Adulting for 48 years, and still don’t get it… 🤷‍♂️😝

    1. Lol I’m glad I’m not the only confused one!

  3. The key to me saving money was to stop eating out. You can eat for three days at home what one meal costs at a restaurant.

    1. That has helped me a lot too- you don’t realise how much you spend eating out until you stop and realise just how much money you were wasting.

  4. Such an awesome and important post (and reminder for the likes of me). We have been adulting for over 33 years. It really is horses for courses. As Hilary says above, we never followed the societal standard. We brought a house before we were married – at a time when only 30% of a woman’s income at most was allowed to be taken into consideration. Over the years we have owned a number of houses at different times and also very fortunate to have a house supplied rent free with a range of different jobs I have had.

    However, it is not until the last ten years, we have really got on top of things financially. My wife has developed an awesome spreadsheet that tracks everything. She prefers this to any app out there. The accountants love it too. Having those budgets for different items is extremely important. And, if you come in under budget on something, look at how you can use the difference to either save it or use it to help write down a debt somewhere else.

  5. I agree Pooja and being the best version of ourselves is the best tbing we can do. The online calculators sound like a great idea! It’s important to know where you are and the best thing about the pandemic for me was even though my client load is half of what it was and my staff can’t work at the present time, I only buy the necesities so I am actually coming out in a better place than usual. It’s great you’re bringing awarness to such an important subject.

  6. The thing I hate most about adulting is knowing that money doesn’t grow on trees. When you’re still living as a dependent, the concept doesn’t quite click until you have spent your last penny and need to buy simple necessities like food or toiletries. As for the renting/buying thing, I have always been a firm believer in investing where you can. Although renting works for some people, I personally don’t like the idea of spending tens of thousands towards someone else’s mortgage while I don’t own any assets. So I spent the first three years of my working life living with my dad while I invested the heck away and saved up as much as I could. Now, six years into my career, I own my first place and have several investments that I can sell at a higher value.

    1. That as so true. Since I started earning my own money I have realised just how difficult it is to make ends meet. I definitely like the idea of investing and owning your own assets. I think when possible that’s the best way to go.

  7. Am I the only one who is really looking forward to adulting or do we all go through that phase. Just curious!

    1. You are definitely not alone in feeling that way- I was super excited about it too and I still find some things really fun but some stuff can be quite stressful too.

  8. If you can, buy your own place, get on the property ladder. Also, pay off your debts first before saving up…everything else takes care if itself…

    1. I absolutely agree with you!

      1. What are your motives and purpose of blogging ?

        1. Blogging is a great outlet for me and over time I would like to blog full-time.

          1. Good luck for that.

  9. excellent points, as usual! adulting is sooo hard – I remember when I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to get to my thirties (I blame friends), now if I could only go back to those times!

    1. I was the same way- as a teenager I could not wait to be an independent adult but now I just want people do stuff for me and be a kid again lol!

  10. Yeah I’m always trying to budget however I always go over with my food expenses 😅 I, working on it haha!

    1. Lol same here- food is something I always spending the most money on!

  11. A wonderful post! I’m still in my teens😂 but it was interesting to learn more about ‘adulting’.

    1. Lol you’ll get to adulting before you know it!

  12. Good read Pooja..

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

  13. I’ve been adulting for the past 20 years, and I dislike the fact that you can’t go back home and let mom and dad take care of it. I am mom, LOL! My husband and I learned about taking care of our finances a few years into marriage. We paid off our debt about 9 years ago and paid off our home mortgage 2 years ago. We have a budget meeting every month to go over our expenses and talk about things that we want to purchase. We use a spreadsheet that my husband created years ago that simply lists all of our expenses and desires, and it has worked for us for the past 14 years.

    1. Lol yes I miss having my parents take responsibility for everything! That’s great that you two were able to be so responsible about your finances.

      1. Same! Thanks so much!

        1. My pleasure!

  14. I was incredibly blessed that, upon graduating from college, I was able to pay off all of my student loans within the first six months. In the U.S., that is a huge weight off one’s shoulders! And this was not because my family was wealthy by any means, but rather because of some other people’s unexpected generosity, combined with scholarships I’d received. Having this weight lifted off of me has really enabled me to save money that would otherwise have gone straight into the loan expense. That being said, the most consistent financial advice I hear is to GET OUT OF DEBT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. It is insane to think that, with years of interest racked up, you can end up paying for your education, your car, or your home multiple times over if you take too long!!

    1. That is super lucky. Yeah making sure your debts are paid off is super important and you definitely want to do that before you start investing in property or anything else.

  15. there are lots of great books and web sites available regarding personal finance; unfortunately, most people just ignore such matters., so I am happy to see that you are giving it some thought…

    1. Yeah there is so much great information out there on the internet you just need to do your research

      1. exactly, no excuse!

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  17. This is so true in a way, me and my husband bought a house and moved recently we did the loft conversion to make more space. I think if I was to look now for a house it would have had to be out side and bigger, but we are happy with what we have. It all depends on your financial situation, no point living a life which you can’t actual live. You have to be happy with what you have, live in and still have finance to have a life and enjoy aswell as save. A struggling life is not worth it, it’s always better to wait.

    1. That’s true you would rather enjoy what you have than keep looking towards the future and never live in the moment. Thanks for commenting!

  18. I love the challenge of saving money. I started couponing about 11 years ago and that made a pretty significant difference. I set a HUGE saving goal for 2021

    1. That’s awesome! Good luck with your 2021 saving goals!

  19. I am still getting my life together 😩 I definitely need to do better monthly/weekly budgeting. I’ll have to check out these calendars! I’ve recently started to order out a lot due to not feeling up to cooking. I need to stop the cycle!

    1. I think budgeting has helped me the most with saving money. Eating out/ordering in can definitely get expensive but it is easier when you’re hungry and tired. You can totally do this!!

      1. So much easier but I definitely have to chill. I ordered out again this week and I was unsatisfied ): So I think that was a sign. Thanks for the motivation!

  20. Very good information in this Pooja 🧡

    1. Thank you so much!

  21. My advice for the younger me would be buy property, don’t waste time on people that don’t make time for you, save as much as you can, study more, invest in the stock markets, eat healthy earlier on so it becomes a habit, appreciate and make more time for loved ones think that one is most important🤗..thank u for sharing this interactive post enjoyed looking back

    1. That is brilliant advice and so glad you enjoyed the post!

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