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As mentioned on one of my earlier posts I have decided to include interviews to the category of things I would like to post on lifesfinewhine. I think it’s a great way to support smaller blogs and help them get their blog out there to a larger audience. This is my first interview with Mama Z and I am super excited to share it with you guys! I decided to add some questions about blogging and some fun ones just to keep the mood a little light towards the end. Hope you enjoy them!


1. Thanks so much for being a part of this interview! Please tell us a little bit about your blog, what it is about and why you decided to start blogging? 
Click on this link  here to read what inspires my blog and my work on you tube….Once you have read this answer let me know thank you…
2. What are your favourite things about blogging? 
Blogging is a peaceful and quiet outlet I can blog in the quiet moments without bothering a soul that is my favorite thing about blogging…
3. What made you interested in Divine Energy Readings? 
I was told I by a friend of mine who does the same thing that I would be working as a reader and now I am a reader…I always had a gift but never realized I would be using it to help others…I am a psychic life coach part time and function as a pseudo counselor…With six years of college under my belt I am not a licensed professional so I always do refer callers in need of more professional help to seek professional help…To get an idea of what a reading is like with me check out my testimonials page…Here…
4. From your blog it seems like you are quite spiritual. What inspired this and what does faith and spirituality mean to you?
I was raised to be spiritual and thought that being spiritual was a normal thing for everyone…I spoke to God and God spoke to me every day of my life as a wild Irish Child and to this day…I am aware as an adult that not everyone is spiritual being spiritual is my normal my natural…
5. You are also a traditional Irish musician which is absolutely fascinating. What got you interested in traditional Irish music?
I learned how to play traditional Irish music from my father and this music is a gift passed down throughout the centuries from my lineage which is the Princes of Breifne of the Tribe of Dan…You can enjoy my many talents on this link below as an indigenous Irish Artist…
6. What is your favourite food?
I absolutely love Bacon and my favorite desert is Flan
7. What is one of your favourite memories?
A cape cod vacation I took with my son…
8. Do you have any new goals or resolutions for 2021 and if so what are they?
Loose weight and grow my blog and YouTube audiences…
9. What is your favourite quote? 
“The Lord Causeth The Rain To Fall On The Just” Sacred Scriptures
10. Thanks again for answering the questions and please feel free to add anything you would like to share with the readers. 
Pooja, it was a pleasure to answer all of your questions.

I really hope you enjoyed the interview and if you did take a minute to check out her blog by clicking here.
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