Quote Of The Day #4

Quote Of The Day

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38 responses to “Quote Of The Day #4”

  1. Yeah, I agree with that, very true.

  2. Wow, I needed to hear this right now, thanks!

  3. That’s so true, but I am such a doubtful, hesitant person with a lot of misgivings. I can’t help it.

  4. This is so uplifting ✨❣️

    1. Thank you!

  5. Yeah very true 👍

    1. Glad you agree!

  6. Güzel yazıyorsunuz

    1. Teşekkür ederim

  7. Wow, couldn’t have been more true

    1. Glad you agree I felt that way too!

  8. Ah Pooja —your quotes😘😘 xx

    1. So glad you enjoyed them! 😊

    1. Glad you agree

  9. So true!!! stay positive and true

    1. Thank you so much 😊

      1. You’re so welcome! 💖

  10. I don’t doubt it… 🙂

  11. Very true!! I try so hard not to doubt myself, I even give myself a pep talk 😂

    1. Lol I do that too!!

  12. Thanks so much for following me. I hope to learn from you.

    1. Thank you.

  13. Every true. I want this as a poster to hand on my wall

    1. Glad you liked the quote!

  14. yes, yes, yes! completely true & something that I’m still trying to work on.

    1. Yup I’m working on going for it even when I’m scared and so far it’s actually going good!

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