5 Things bloggers wish they could say — Growing With Spawn

With over 500 million blogs on the web to date, it seems as though everyone and their dog has a blog. There are just so many sites to peruse through that very little thought is actually given to what goes… 15 more words

5 Things bloggers wish they could say — Growing With Spawn

This was so funny and relatable I had to share it with you guys!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, so many of these! The one about advice? Yes, definitely! People learn that I’m a BDSM blogger so they come at me with a question, and that’s cool, but then it’s another and another and before too long, I’m basically a charity sex therapist. I love helping people, really I do, but if I direct people to sources then i expect them to read it – I don’t keep useful links for nothing!

    The part about taking a break was also relatable. I used to be kind of critical of people who took a hiatus then came back to their blog after months or years like nothing happened, but now I understand it. Sometimes I CAN’T post, like if I’m in rural Cornwall and signal is practically non-existent. Lately though, I’ve come to understand why people take a hiatus. There are days when I don’t want to write a mammoth post, but I do it anyway because it’s what my readers want. Sometimes I even ask myself what I’d do if I didn’t blog, but then I think that I’d probably blog about why I’m not blogging, which is ironic.

    In terms of what bloggers would say, I think that behind every photo, there is a story, a truth; and what you see is a kind of distorted reality. Nobody sees the piles of junk out of shot in my home. Nobody realises that the delicious looking dishes are often cool to the touch because it’s taken so long to get the perfect photo, and nobody has heard the conversations about replacing the tablecloth because it marked easily and that obviously looks terrible in photos. Our lives can often look perfect, but the truth is far from it!

    1. So glad you found the post relatable- I did as well!
      I think I would be blogging either way too. I took a break from blogging after like 5 years of blogging and it felt really good. It was just like two months but it was really nice and now I feel really excited about blogging.

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