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I had so much fun interviewing Yuvi, she is such a wonderful person and her blog is really great so please do take a minute to check it out- as always it will be linked below.
1. Thanks so much for being a part of this interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your blog is about.
My name is Yuvi and I’m from south India. My blog is about all things art. You can find various doodle ideas and drawing techniques. Sometimes I write funny, relatable, daily-life satire too categorized as Art of Banter. You can find the banter posts here:
2. When did you start your blog and what inspired you to start a blog?
I started as a hobby blogger three years ago but discontinued very soon. I tried writing poetry but it didn’t stick with me, maybe because that is not my passion. I started blogging again a few months back and changed my niche to art.
3. How has your blog evolved since you first created it?
When I started blogging, I didn’t know what I should share or write. I saw many bloggers sharing beautiful poetry and I’ve tried too. (Honestly, my old posts will be embarrassing!😁) But now after changing my niche to what I’m passionate about, I feel my blog has evolved to something out of the ’embarrassing’ range.
4. I noticed you write about a number of topics- do you have a favourite and if so which is your favourite to write about? 
 My favorite topic is all about art and drawings. I’m trying other topics too sometimes just to experiment which works best for me and my beautiful readers.
5. What are some of your long term blogging goals?
My long term blogging goals is to improve the quality of my drawings and inspire my readers to draw with me by sharing ideas and printables like this.
6. How has blogging impacted you and your life?
I’m that girl who gets bored easily. So before starting my blogging journey, I’ve tried various hobbies but none of them stuck with me. But now since I blog about what I’m passionate about, I’m happy.
7. What is your favourite food?
My favorite food is spicy Indian foods. If it is spicy, I will love it!
8. What was your favourite candy growing up?
Growing up I’ve always loved those cotton candies at the local exhibitions and festivals.
9. What is your favourite movie?
My favorite genre is fantasy so my evergreen favorites will be Harry Potter, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean and alike.

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  1. “I’m that girl who gets bored easily.” LOL. Me too. It takes time to find the right thing and to stick with it–in life and in art. Great post.

  2. I like the fact that I’m learning about new bloggers through this series. I don’t even need to go far to get new sites to follow. Yuvi sounds like a fun person. Thanks for sharing!

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